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Bubbles has lived in Sunnyvale Trailer Park his whole life. Abandoned by his parents when he was a little fella, his best friend Julian promised to look after him. Julian even let Bubbles move into his shed, which he’s called home ever since. According to Bubbles, living in a shed is pretty fackin’ decent – there’s a bunk bed for himself and his kitties, indoor plumbing, lots of space to hang kitty pictures, and even has one of those cordless telephone cocksuckers!

Bubbles is never alone with Julian and Ricky around to support him, even though Ricky once burned down his shed after he fucked up an electrical hook-up. Over the years, Bubbles has found himself getting more involved with the duo’s greasy business schemes because that’s what loyal friends do, even if it means going to jail. Bubbles fackin’ hates jail.

Big-hearted Bubbles cares for all the abandoned kitties around the park, and has had a fine collection of felines over the years – Shitrock, Sgt. Meowensteen, Gary Laser Eyes, Ronnie Pumpkin, and his favourite kitty, Vince the Pince, who even did some jail time with him. All kitties are welcome in Bubbles’ shed – he even looked after a big stoned mountain lion he named Steve French, and nursed him back to health by feeding him weedjitas.

Bubbles has many talents. He’s the smartest guy in the entire trailer park!

Bubbles once combined his love of cats with a money-making scheme, creating the “Kittyland Love Centre” play area for cats. The venture would have been a big success, if his TV interview with Channel 10 hadn’t been sabotaged by Ricky, and that drunk arsehole Jim Lahey.

The mean kids in the park used to call Bubbles a “big googly-eyed bastard”, but Bubbles has many talents – he’s the smartest guy in the park! He can quote ancient Greek philosopher Plato, fixes up shopping carts better than anyone, has acted in several of J-Roc’s greasy porno movies, and kicks ass as a guitar player and songwriter, composing tunes such as Liquor and Whores, Kitties Are So Nice, and The Fucking Carts Are Mine. He even got to play guitar with his hero, Alex Lifeson from RUSH! And Bubbles’ tacos are deee-cent – you should see the lineup at Talko’s Take-Out on “Taco Tuesday”!

Bubbles has a darker side, personified by his home-made ventriloquist’s dummy, Conky. Ricky thought that little wooden cocksucker had been drowned in the swamp years ago, but Bubbles fished him out, and together they caused a fuckload of mayhem. The evil little bastard even managed to come back to life after Julian blew his head to pieces!

Despite being “King of the Carts” and a hero to his kitties, Bubbles dreams of bigger things. His ambition is to become an astronaut and go into space! Until he gets the call from NASA, he’ll have to make do with playing space in the street with Ricky and Julian. If only Ricky could use some real space words, instead of talking about space weed and fucking over the carbinators… cockSUCKER!!