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Jim Lahey is Sunnyvale’s long serving, perma-drunk trailer park supervisor. Once a proud police officer, he fell on hard times after Ricky and Julian pranked him on Halloween 1977, and got him fired from the force. The liquor began to call the shots, and Lahey has remained bitter and inebriated ever since, destroying his marriage to feisty blonde Barb in the process.

Lahey’s relationship with Randy “Bobandy” began after Barb discovered Randy in a parking lot, dressed as an elf and hooking for cheeseburgers. Feeling sorry for the poor shirtless male prostitute, she invited Randy to stay for Christmas… and he never left. Randy’s lawnmower pushing and liquor pouring skills, along with his puppy-like devotion to Lahey, make him the perfect assistant trailer park supervisor, although he doesn’t always understand Jim’s cop talk:

Randy: “Mr. Lahey, whaddya see?”
Lahey: “10-80”
Randy: “What’s a 10-80?”
Lahey: “Shut the fuck up.”

Lahey loves Sunnyvale and just wants it to be a nice place to live, but the winds of shit blow fiercely through the park whenever Ricky is around. Lahey’s repeated attempts to extinguish Ricky’s shitflames usually cause further chaos, with Lahey himself often falling into the shitabyss of madness. In one incident, Lahey strapped explosives to himself and nearly blew up Ricky, a TV crew, and the whole of downtown Dartmouth.

“I don’t care if the whole world knows that we like to get dressed up, and we like to have some fun!”

Lahey may appear to be a demented drunken lunatic, but he believes the liquor makes him see things more clearly. As he once told Randy, “I am the liquor.” Randy’s attempts to get Lahey off the booze always end in failure, because liquor is Jim Lahey’s life. “Just a few more lil’ drinkypoos, Randyban!”

Randy himself has an addiction he has no intention of quitting: cheeseburgers. Randy makes the best goddamn cheeseburgers in the whole park, and his barbeque is one of his most treasured possessions. Bubbles, Ricky and J-Roc are often mean to Randy about his huge cheeseburger-filled gut, calling him Gutzilla, Cheeseburger Walrus, Inflatable Elvis, and Gut Cassidy and the Sundance Cheeseburger. Frig off, J-Roc!

Lahey and Randy’s relationship has never been smooth sailing,and has endured many shitwaves over the years. Their relationship was known only to Julian after he discovered them playing a greasy game of dress-up. Julian, being the kind-hearted guy he is, he didn’t tell anyone. Lahey and Randy eventually confessed their love to the park residents after they were caught dressed as Indiana Jones and a bumblebee, and admitted they weren’t really rehearsing a play for the Blandford Recreation Centre. “I don’t care if the whole world knows that we like to get dressed up, and we like to have some fun!” declared Randy, still dressed as a bee.

Lahey is infatuated with Julian, or “Sexian” as Lahey calls him, despite the shitstorms Julian has caused over the years. Randy once attempted to date Sarah, had a relationship with Lucy and got her pregnant (“I banged Lucy and knocked her up, no big deal!”), and even pursued a three-way relationship with Lahey and Barb during one of Barb’s experimental phases. But true love conquers all, and Lahey and Randy always end up back together. Let’s get drunk tonight, Randers…