Trailer Park Boys Predictions for 2017

Contest: We Want YOUR #TPB2017 Predictions!

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Happy fucking New Year, dickheads! With the whore of a year of 2016 behind us, we are now rolling a six-paper joint and looking forward to 2017.  Season 11 will be unleashed in all of its greasy glory on Netflix (date to-be-fucking-announced), and Canadians coast-to-coast will be able to put their dirty lips on a can of Freedom 35, the best shitty beer ever made!

But what’s in store for the residents of Sunnyvale in 2017?  Will Bubbles meet a GREASY lady and take her back to his shed?  Will Randy switch to vegan burgers?  Will Jacob and Trinity get bornt a new gramson or gramdaughter for Ricky?  Will Lahey maintain a 10/10 drunk the entire year? We want YOUR predictions for the people of Sunnyvale in 2017!

Use the hashtag #TPB2017 on Instagram or Twitter, or leave a comment here or on our official Facebook page, and the dicks at SwearNet will pick their three favourite predictions and send out some fucking prizes!

It’s cold as fuck in Sunnyvale right now so we figure each winner should get a TPB beanie to keep their heads warm, and a TPB lighter leash to keep their joints warm! Hurry the fuck up, you have until Monday, January 9th at midnight to submit your predictions!


  1. Valentijn

    I bet orangie dies a thousand deaths and lahey will need a liver transplant.

  2. John Winder

    Ricky and Bubbles find Julian and they all are abducted by aliens. Ricky gets space weed and gets rich

  3. Daniel Ciampa

    Randy will try Vegan burgers once then throw up. Eat 20 cheese sliders and a large fries. Lahey on the other hand will Remain tipsy then get fucking hammered mid year, and end up in jail. Cheers boys

  4. Jon Van Eyk

    I predict that Ricky is going to knock up Lucy again. Lahey’s liver is going to start failing and he will have to get off the liquor if he wants to survive. Randy will find out from a doctor that the whole getting a rash thing from wearing a shirt is bull shit and he could have been wearing a shirt this whole time. And bubbles is going to have an unknown relative move to the trailer park. If it’s a girl she’s going to be smoking hot and have a thing for randy and if it’s a boy he’s going to be a silent hard ass who grows better weed than Ricky and sells it for 6 bucks a gram like that shitty mall dope . Also Cory will come out of the closet and have a thing with lahey and randy will get all pissed off and take his pants off and try and fight Cory. Fuck there are some grammar errors in there but fuck it right. Keep putting out a great fucking show boys. Still waiting to try your beer I figure it will take a while sense I live in Washington state. Take care and have a happy 2017

  5. John Winder

    #TPB2017, Jim layhe try’s to be a smothering father. Bubbles finds a rare limited edition shopping cart. That Julian convinces Bubbles to sell on an online action. Syris steals the cart try’s selling it on black market. But Ricky fucks it up for everyone. Because he’s avoiding fucky the drunk step dad

  6. Bill B

    A reformed Jim Lahey opens Lahey’s Bakery & Cafe where he slowly develops a great taste for his own signature tribute menu item Julian’s Rum Cake. The recipe changes along the way and becomes quite popular among the older set.

    During this time Randy who is “in charge” of the cafe keeps trying to introduce variants of a cheeseburger without any luck. Out of frustration he forms an odd partnership with Ricky where the two of them begin baking Ricky’s Midnight Brownies and the cafe flourishes. Daytime older and nightly young customers eventually cross over in the evening and there is friction.

    Julian who has been preoccupied with his new business replacing mailboxes that become damaged during the night. At first he patron’s of Lahey’s are at first to blame. Then the Corey & ??? are put to work causing the need for replacement as well as providing the marked up replacements. This results in sleep depravation and confusion. Once Julian sees that Lahey’s has become a cash cow he wants in. Introducing himself at first as peacemaker he works to dig in.

    To be continued . . .

  7. beverly gooden

    I predict Randy will begin wearing sweater vests (with no shirt underneath, duh)

  8. M Schaefer

    Ricky discovers a variety of weed that makes him really smart. He becomes P.M. and invites Trump up for a visit. After blazing, Trump admits he really is just a dick bully and goes away. Bubbles hooks up with Melania…

  9. Roy Padrick

    Julian falls in love and marries a woman who looks and acts just like Ricky. Bubble finally loses it and goes full Conky all the time. Ricky gets a stable job selling bathroom fixtures to rich fucks.

  10. Brendan Ralph

    In 2017 Ricky will finally find someone that’s cool with him smoking.
    Randy and Lahey come to the conclusion that they are the only fuckheads for each other and settle down.
    Bubbs finds a lady who’s allergic to cats but still loves them because she’s fucked!
    Meanwhile Jules makes Jacob help him try to smuggle his greasy homebrew booz down to the states in another money making scheme with Sebastian.

  11. John Winder

    Ricky wins the lottery, Julian has a greasy scheme to make even more money for the park. Buy back the park and open a weed park where everyone pays with hash coins that they buy from Julian!
    But Ray and Layhe both want some money for being ricks father. Ricky looks for new love and never meats any woman person who could probably ever beets Lucy for to be a wife mother girlfriend type person

  12. Adrienne Ribble

    I fucking predict that randy will go vegan, lahey will be totally shitfaced or give up liquor all together..
    Maybe Julian was abductted by aliens and bubbles and Ricky find him and get amazing space weed, weed becomes legal in sunnyvale and lahey can’t do jack shit about it..

    (I’m kinda drunk so might be some fucked up spelling..)

    Also.. Nothing to do with the contest but me my mom and little sister are gonna start trailer park girls…. Gonna be tons of weed and alcohol

  13. John Winder

    Layhe and barb turn SunnyVale into a Swingers community.
    The Boys want SunnyVale back to fucking normal.

  14. Frosteetoes

    Justin Trudeau finds himself lost around Dartmouth and ends up in Sunnyvale to get directions when a drunk Lahey stumbles on him and knocking him down where he hits his head on the corner of Julian’s trailer. Trudeau is in 3 episodes consecutively where a few things could happen: Trudeau recuperates in Julian’s trailer and develops a crush for him whilst Jim Lahey admits to the Prime minister that he jerk’s off to his picture at least twice a day. Still wobbly the next day with a sick pain in his head, Ricky concocts a remedy with hash as the main ingredient that fixes Trudeau’s head. Day 3, Trudeau is ready to leave when he discovers Lahey in the back seat of his car with Trudeau’s picture in his left hand and his erect cock in right hand with piss stains on his pants and a puddle on the seat. Trudeau calls a cab instead of taking his car where upon Sunnyvale adds another car to the park.

    Some other ideas: Ricky invites me to Sunnyvale for harvest time and to help him process the weed for distribution back here in the states when the Gov. of Colorado, John Hickenlooper, exclaims that Ricky’s weed is the best in the freeworld and reaches out to him to do business in Colorado.

    Bubbles enters some of his kitties in a pageant/contest like Catfancy where they all win but unbeknown to Bubbles and everyone that the contest was a ruse to obtain cats for local Asian food markets and restaurants in and around Halifax and Moncton.

    The possibilities are endless.

  15. Linda Weibrecht

    Ricky and Lucy have triplets. They are all boys and look like Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles. Mr. Lahey finally gets a kiss from Julian because he is blackmailing him, Julian throws up. The blackmail is about something in Julian and Lucy’s past that Mr. Lahey found out about by eavesdropping on a conversation but we (the audience) will never hear what the secret is. Bubbles wins a contest and dressed as the Green Bastard, he gets an opportunity to wrestle with the pro’s. He meets what he thinks is a female wrestler and it’s love at first sight. She comes to live with him in the Trailer Park and becomes his protector and kind of the Bouncer when it comes to dealing with Mr. Lahey and Randy and anything else that could hurt Bubbles. She even gets him a new Conky that is an exact replica. But soon Bubbles finds out she is actually a ‘he’ and he is afraid to dump her because she is so volatile. She (he) becomes totally obnoxious and runs off with Donna who just got out of jail and needs a place to stay, so she begs Mr. Lahey and Randy if she can have her old job back and stay with them until she can get back on her feet. Soon after, she meets Bubbles pro wrestler girlfriend and they run off together.

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