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Trailer Park Boys Silibong Water Pipes – Smoke, Let’s Go!

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Julian has been doing some greasy deals recently, but this one is DOPE as fuck! The Boys are launching their own range of Silibong water pipes – colourful, unbreakable and chewy! Want ’em? Tell your local smoke shop to visit or call 1-888-908-FAME to get some of these awesome cocksuckers in stock!


  1. Russ Carson

    How do I order a couple for gifts?? Don’t have a shop but longtime swearnwt subscriber and would really like to purchase a few of the silibong’s. Thanks for your attention to this.

    -Russ Carson

  2. Emily Rumpf

    Trailer Park Boy’s water pipes are too good. I love their smoking pipes and very glad to see their wonderful article.

  3. Liam

    what exactly dose the warranty cover? I’ve had mine for a few months, I always keep my bongs shiny and clean, but I can’t seem to get the resin stains out of the silicone! Any ideas?

    1. Moe

      I’ve had the same problem. Took it to a festival, after a weekend the blue bong was now blackish blue. Still haven’t figured out how to get rid of the rez

  4. nicky daigle

    hey guys i got the black one from up in smoke in moncton were i was born and razed cuz it has all 3 of the boys faces works pretty good great bong for when i got some stumble friends over that like to smash shit like ricky or for when im on the go idk how meany glass bongs i broke just by trying to bring it somewhere.

  5. Ricky P

    what size is the bowl? i think its 14mm but I’m not sure, i need to replace mine

  6. Kirk G Gallant

    How do i get a steady supply of your bongs at a wholesale price for my shop

  7. Andrew

    Hi, I’m Ash with Fusion Tobbaco Shop. I was really interested to see all your guys collection for bongs and wanted to get wholesale price on them

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