Trailer Park Boys Season 11 unleashed to Netflix March 31!

GREASY BREAKING NEWS: Trailer Park Boys Season 11 Unleashed on Netflix March 31!

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Trailer Park Boys Season 11 unleashed to Netflix March 31!

Holy flyin’ fuck boys, she’s nearly here! We’re pleased as fuck to announce that Ricky, Julian, Bubbles and the residents of Sunnyvale Trailer Park are BACK with a new adventure on Netflix from Friday March 31 – and they’re bringing along a fuckload of dope, guns, liquor, and free-range kitties!

We’ll be bringing more news and teasers in the coming weeks, so follow us here on the official Trailer Park Boys websiteFacebook, Twitter and Instagram for all the latest!

Tell your friends and get the liquor in… it’s gonna be SCRUMPDILLY!


    1. Al Jacobson

      I can feel the Shitwinds coming already! Sure hope there isn’t a lot of Horse Cockery to deal with and the season passes with Flying Carpets!

  1. Brett long

    Holyou sweet funk boys it’s about time I was stasting to think this season wasn’t going to happen cheers boys

  2. Pete

    This has to be the best intercourse show on TV, looking forward to see the Boys back in the trailer park again

  3. Joe R

    Can’t wait to go back to Sunnyvale!!! Miss Everyone!! Feels like a second home. OH Wait!! My life must be @#$#ed!!

  4. Crystal

    Best news ever!! I’ve been waiting forever to find out the date! Beers will be had as I try not to binge watch the whole season. F$CK YEAH

  5. Matthew

    I been waiting for this for a really long time and I can’t wait to see what happened to Julian at the end of season 10. It’s going to be super dope

  6. Tom Marolt

    Fuck’n A Boys its about damn time season 11 arrives, Barb better let Julian back in the park to and Fuck You Randy and Lahey you drunk Bastard !

  7. Katie Sweka

    Hell yeah, so pumped for this.. BRING IT ON!!! Marking that date on my calendar, keep it up..

  8. Frosteetoes

    That’s awesome fucking news, boys! Will you be filming Season 12 this summer? Please keep the series going. TPB’s is the best fucking show EVER!!

  9. Marcie Flajole

    I am a retired English teacher from San Diego. Many years ago, with your shows inception, I assumed your show was trashy. Recently, about 20 years later, I am so hooked into your show on Netflix. The shows appeal for me has nothing to do with the mass appeal, but rather the excellent acting and characters,

    I am a teacher of the gifted. You guys are truly gifted. You have spurred in an interest to visit Nova Scotia. My relatives come from Quebec.

    Marcie Flajole

  10. Hassan

    Liquor and whooorrrreeees… liquor and whoooorrrreeesss.. cigarettes, dope, mustard and bologna.. liquor and whooooressss lls.. I Fucking love you guys

  11. Jeremy

    Fuck yeah! I can’t wait for some greasy entertainment. What about the fucking teasers you guys fucking promised? What the fuck? It has been a month and we haven’t got dick.

  12. Jennifer Willis

    Damn, it’s been to damn long!!! I heard Lucy and JROC were leaveing!! What the FUCK

  13. Chad Menard

    Deeeceeentt. We cant get enough of you guys. Dont ever stop making these

  14. joe darling

    cant waite to hear from you guys my friend is starting a film studio in boothbay harbor maine they are good friends with cindy lauper

  15. joe darling

    we want to meet you guys bad will drive any place you need would love to have you guys visit our farm we are not far from you guys

  16. Coo1GuyPau1

    On a Friday, DECENT! Time to get super greasy for an all nighter!

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