Jim Lahey's Ask Me Fucking Anything on the set of Trailer Park Boys Season 11!

Countdown to Trailer Park Boys Season 11: Words of Shit-Wisdom

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Watch the Shit Wizard of Sunnyvale’s Q&A on the set of Trailer Park Boys S11! In Part 1, Jim Lahey discusses the zen moment of 10/10 drunk, what he’d do to make America fuckin great again, and he takes aim at the greatest threat to global security: bottle kids.

In Part 2, he lays on some HEAVY shit wisdom. Plus: What are his fondest memories of the park? Would he and Randy ever adopt?

Trailer Park Boys Season 11 launches on Netflix worldwide on Friday March 31, 2017!


  1. Jessica Keenan

    My husband and I are in love with the show. We are very interested in inquiring about becoming an extra for season 12. We went to the Randy and Lahey show and they said filming begins in June. We know you that you care about your fans very much so that’s why I figured that I’d take a shot in the dark with this email. Look forward to hearing from you.

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