TPB11 Viewing Party Contest – Win Props from the Set!

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Trailer Park Boys Season 11 Contest!

On March 31st, the whole fuckin’ world will feel the NEED FOR WEED as Trailer Park Boys Season 11 hits Netflix! We want to see how YOU cocksuckers are celebrating the new season! Whether you’re with your dickhead friends, or on your own with nine cans of ravioli, we want pictures of your Need for Weed #TPB11 Viewing Party and we’ll be giving out prizes for our favourites!

Three runners-up will get some DECENT swag from, but the grand prize winner will get something money can’t buy – real-deal shit from the set of Trailer Park Boys Season 11! You’ll get an authentic “Ricky’s Ball Hockey” poster, a jar of Bubbles’ “Scrumdilly Organico Pizza Sauce” (this is just a prop, for fuck sakes, it’ll probably make you sick as fuck, don’t eat the shit), and we even stole one of Julian’s sexy rum glasses from the dirty dancer himself! We’ll also throw in an autographed 8×10 from the Boys.

Win props from the set of Trailer Park Boys Season 11!

Click here to go to the contest page for rules, details, and for to upload your fucking photo!


  1. Joan mason cormier

    Love the you guys that make us get high and laugh and drink the make me want to live in your trailer park lol Sunnyvale all the way.

  2. Joan mason cormier

    Now send me something to add to the TPB room that we have made with all seasons plus all movies bobble heads clothing and a shopping cart and a pic of me and Julian at the micmac tavern lol

  3. Kayla Way

    You guys are amazing!! Your show is my favorite tv show!! I love your show, I want every season of it over 10 times now, its like the only tv show I watch because it’s that amazing!! I hope to see you guys in person!! Bubbles, Ricky, Julian, you guys rock, never stop being you!! <3
    p.s, your show will always be my number one favorite show because know matter what I can't stop watching it again and again <3

  4. Matthew Thompson

    We’ll fuck my donkey ass!! This is the best season yet!! WTG Mike, Robb, JP….and probably pat and john dunnsworth but who gives a fuck bout thous slug sucking moose raper’s any whoo!! Love Love Love what you you guys fought for all these years! I’ve loved everything you putout. Really! Keep er up boys Thanks!

  5. Barb Silvestro

    Decent prizes! Uploading our pic now. The family that binge watches TPBs… well they do some fucked up shit I’d guess

  6. Reddevil

    Where the contest winners at great season wanting more See you guys in redrock

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