Trailer Park Boys Freedom 35 beer launch in Toronto!

Freedom 35 lager is a hit in Toronto!

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Trailer Park Boys Freedom 35 beer launch in Toronto!

Cheers to the 1,000+ fuckers who came out to see us at the official Freedom 35 beer launch! Due to some flight fuckery, Ricky was late and Julian missed the flight. FACK! But we got there in the end, got to meet many of you, and enjoyed some deeeelicious cold beer!

OK you greasy dick pinchers, you ask, where in the fuck can I find Freedom 35 beer in-store? Check out this page showing current Freedom 35 availability at self-serve locations in Ontario: You can also order online from the LCBO for pick-up at

Freedom 35 is heading to other parts of Canada, so watch the fuck out for more news soon!


  1. Margaret Staneff

    I just want the trailer Park boys back for season 12!!!!! Hell yah!!! Going through a very hard time right now. These boys make me laugh and smile…my crazy therapy….puleeeeeeze…. I need them .

  2. Robert A. Ganoush

    Um…. Have the boys forgotten thier buds that are state side? Im in seattle so as much as id like to drive to one of those fabulous locations…. Its not practical. How do i get my yankee mits on some lager of yours?

  3. Jenny Jenny

    Are you still working on it? No jive, we want to try Freedom 35!

  4. Jeff Ball

    Hi my is. Jeff I’m a big fan I want to try your beer I’m going to order it I am washed all your episodes multiple times if you can move the car to one like 30 times I can’t wait for the next season I like the cartoon one better at else like a regular ones I can’t wait for the next season of the cartoon ones the next season coming out I love get tickets to get to your show or hang out with you and meeting with wait all you guys I’m a huge fan forsake everything

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