New Trailer Park Boys live show dates announced

Trailer Park Boys’ NEW live show – tour dates announced!

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New Trailer Park Boys live show dates announced

Wanna spend a fucked-up evening with the Trailer Park Boys, Mr. Lahey and Randy? YES?!? You’re in fucking luck! In addition to their Red Rocks Amphitheatre, CO show on Aug 30, the Boys are unleashing their NEW LIVE SHOW in the following cities:
Aug 24 – Grand Rapids, MI
Aug 25 – Milwaukee, WI
Aug 26 – Des Moines, IA
Aug 27 – St. Louis, MO
Aug 29 – Kansas City, MO
Pre-sale starts Friday, May 5 at 10am MT at!


  1. Jeremy Gardner

    Resale tickets on that site were sold out in less than a half hour. 🙁

  2. Steve povey

    Come to Philadelphia you silly dicks. This city was made for the trailer park boys. You would sell the fuck out and I will personally make sure you have a table full of booze and weed.

  3. Jakob

    Please tell me you don’t have to be 18 to go, I’m 16 and I really wanna go when you’re in GR

  4. Susan Hester

    Come visit Raleigh or Durham please, thank you. love your shows they are so funny

  5. Cody James

    Anyway you guys can make it to Boston, MA anytime in the future?
    You guys are my heroes

  6. Crystal Prince


  7. Matt Rowland

    We beg you shitwipes to come to the East Coast (UsA)… Your fans will travel! WHO’S RUNNING THIS FUCKIN’ TRAILER PARK!? (a lil’ donny love) Hehe

  8. Zachary Martinez

    I’m one of your biggest fan and I have dreamed of seeing you guys live. Please come to California.

  9. Brian Kohler

    Tried to get tickets for the last tour in Scotland. No luck. I think I’ll come to Nova fucking Scotia.

  10. Carl

    Come to Portland dickwads. You can make a shit ton of money and smoke some really good dope. I’m gonna need you to spot me some tickets, I’ll pay you back in hash coins.

  11. Brandon Brown

    Should try and come to Ottawa Ontario boys. Been a fan of you fuckers since the start back in 2001 !!! At would Decent to see you boys LIVE.

  12. Brandon Brown

    Should try and come to Ottawa Ontario boys. Been a fan of you fuckers since the start back in 2001 !!! would be Decent to see you boys LIVE.

  13. Tristen Martin

    You guys are the bomb!!! Do you guys ever think about coming to SUDBURY ONTARIO!! YOU GUYS WOULD MAKE A HIT!!!(:Think about it(;

  14. Aimee Marshall

    Hey Ricky Julian and Bubbles you guys should come to Ottawa I’m a huge fan when I first saw your movie in theatres It would be AWESOME to meet you Fuckers

  15. Bong Johnson

    Please come to Portland Oregon. We have the best bud and Best liquor… and all the wiggle joints are pure nude.

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