Green Bastard hoodie now at the TPB Store!

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Ladies and gentlemen and mawfukas of all ages, due to popular demand we present… the Green Bastard hoodie from PARTS UNKNOWN! This most DECENT of hoodies faithfully recreates the legendary Sunnyvale wrestler’s logo, and also has a small but nifty Trailer Park Boys logo on the back of the neck!

Order now at and prepare to get the fuck in the ring!


  1. Matt Loake

    That hoody is fucking cool!!! …….just heard the news about Jim Dunswort….ad day for me as I thought he was a fuckin fantastic actor and played the best drunk I have ever seen, better than most of the real piss heads I know. Thank you for coming to Engalnd and giving me the chance to come on stage wilts you guys my comedy heroes… All the fuckin best….the shit winds are coming …Matt from Upwell Cambridgeshire England.

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