Join Bubbles on the set of Trailer Park Boys Season 12 at SwearNet!

From the set of Trailer Park Boys S12 – watch now!

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Join Bubbles on the set of Trailer Park Boys Season 12 at SwearNet!

Holy fuck boys, she’s rollin’! The camera dicks have invaded Sunnyvale Trailer Park for the 12th time and are following Ricky, Julian and Bubbles on their latest fucked adventure. Although you’ll have to wait a bit until Season 12 hits Netflix, the dicks at have filmed some exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of life in the park. Join Bubbles now and watch the latest fuckery here!


  1. Caron Collins

    We are devoted fans and are traveling to Nova Scotia in our little old trailer from New York over 2,000 miles away! We would give anything to watch you on the set! Can we?

  2. Sam connor

    I love you and the show please i would love for the chance to see you guys in real life

  3. Wayne Peek

    I am so fucking excited! I seriously watch the show every night and have for about a year. I found this show about 5 years ago and I am a huge fan. I’m coming to see the show in Denver and I am beyond excited. Please keep the good times rolling boys! Never stop this show!!! Ever! I have one request for this show and you guys. Please, please, please never make this show politically correct! Also remember that your audience is all white!!! Please don’t forget to cater to that audience . We love you!

  4. sarah wicker

    I’m a big fan, I would love if you guys came to Las Vegas, Nevada to do a live show. That would be awesome♡

  5. Brian

    I love this show and rewatch the seasons often! I was thinking that a spin off would be great.. like truck stop boys or something where they all have fucked up trucks/ adventures and Bubs lives in the shed at the truck stop fixing pallets?

  6. Carla Williams-Zeitz

    Thank you for returning! !so excited! You have a diverse following of fans despite the ignorant comment from a previous visitor here…do what you do best and we hope to see more cats during your episodes. .the wall clock is beautiful in my kitchen BTW. .xoxo Carla

  7. Cory Davies

    Holy fuck boys this website is greasy! Let’s gets some hash, get drunk as fuck and listen to April wine!

  8. davies

    the dick that on7/28/17was braying about an all white audience can stuff it

  9. Jackie Crossland

    I love your show guys! I just starting watching it on Netflix & it’s the only show that I watch! Are you guys ever going to have a tour in the greater Cleveland Ohio area? I would love to meet you in person!

  10. Wylock

    Praise be to the boys of SunnyV,you restore my faith in humanity ya see…HAA!

  11. Mr E

    Saw the Milwaukee show on the 25th. My stomach still hurts from laughing so fucking hard. Love you guys.
    Mr E and Mrs E

  12. josh drumm

    whats up boys love this show i hope it goes on for ever and you guys should come to kenton ohio for a show

  13. Rob Hanlin

    Wayne Peek. You are so fucking ignorant. Why would you assume all the audience is white? And do you not think they cater to fans no matter their race? Your a fucking idiot. You need to FUCK OFF. ignorant piece of shit.

  14. jason

    when is ricky coming back to ottawa i like to see him there on the day when u can smoke weed

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