One Last Shot - beginnings of the Trailer Park Boys

One Last Shot – watch it now on!

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One Last Shot - beginnings of the Trailer Park Boys

It’s the 1998 short film that started it all – and now you can watch it exclusively at!

Forget the Holy Grail or the lost fackin’ City of Atlantis, THIS is the greatest legend lost in the shit-mists of time… until now! The dicks at SwearNet searched high and low (well, mostly high) to track down One Last Shot, the 1998 short film that sparked the Trailer Park Boys shitflame – and they fucking found it!

The award-winning film, directed by Mike Clattenburg, stars John Dunsworth as Mr. Lahey, and Robb Wells and JP Tremblay as characters that would later become known as Ricky and Julian. Subscribers can watch One Last Shot here. Enjoy!


  1. Officer Cock knuckle lol

    Dear trailer park boys
    Ive. Been following your show , ever sense the beginning .I know you guys are busy ppl, after the show trailer park boys has been off the air now .Just wondering are you planning to do another podcast for 2017 ? I love to know what you guys are up to these days. Oh? Merry Christmas bubble, Julian, Rick. X p </////////. |]}~~~~

  2. Jonathan Hands

    Great fuckin website. So sad to hear about Mr L passing. He will be missed. What’s Randy gonna do now?

    1. Andy aka (andyman the candyman)

      I have a great idea for the final instalment for the trailer park boys. Whether it’s a movie or the last season. It’s pretty fucking dark! Right up your twisted alley. It involves Ellen Page. Please e-mail me. It’s a perfect tribute to John Dunsworth the greatest actor OF ALL TIME! (in my humble opinion)

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