Trailer Park Boys Out Of The Park USA

Trailer Park Boys Out Of The Park USA – The Trailer!

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Ready for the greasiest road trip of your life? Join Ricky, Julian and Bubbles as they scam, steal and fuck up their way around the US in the new, eight-part Out Of The Park adventure. They also meet up with some dope-as-fuck famous faces, including ace astronaut Chris Hadfield, comedy legend Tommy Chong, skateboarding star Tony Hawk, awesome actors Verne Troyer and Tom Green… and some greasy looking mawfaka called Alex Lifeson!

Out Of The Park: USA streams exclusively on Netflix from Friday, November 24. Get the liquor in, your buddies round, and enjoy a fucking DECENT trip with us!



  1. Mike Wilson

    Bubbles, Ricky, and Julian. FUUUUCK! You guys are awesome! I’m from down south in U.S.A. Trailer park trash, myself! You guys are Fucking Awesome! I have followed you since your first season, your first episode on Showcase years ago. Your characters are like James. T. Kirk, Sulu and Checkov on Star Trek. You may not want to be defined by them forever, but you guys are who you are! I love this series. This show. This, whateverthehellitis! I am addicted. It is a unique and one of a kind show. Nothing before has ever been like it. Nothing ever after will even come close!
    Love to you.. I mean FUCK OFF! to you all and all, whatever! 😉

  2. Mike Wilson

    John, Robb, and Mike… I’m looking forward to your other projects. I love Canadian TV and comedy, as was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. We used to get Canadian TV stations across the border. We got CBET Windsor, ONT. A big fan of “Corner Gas” as well. Have you ever heard of that show? Brent Butt was the star and producer. Waiting for more from him as well. And the old SCTV. Canada’s version of “Saturday Night Live” here in the States. Please keep the amazing comedy coming. Thank You!!!

  3. David Wilson

    Out of the Park USA was Fuckin’ Decent. Love “Who’s Got Yet Belly”. Looking forward to seeing the boys in Oakland on April 7th!!!

  4. Brooke

    Hey boys… either bubbles Julian or Rickey. If you’re reading this i am one of your biggest fans. I am caught up with every episode and my dream is to smoke a fat j full of marijuana. I live in Houston and I’m trying to get your tickets for dec.. where can i find that!!!! Love- Brooke

  5. Alex Morris

    We also love TPB’s here in SoCal, as you can tell they visited me! Well, my area ish. I live closer to San Diego truly but I’m only 1hour 45minute drive away from L.A. and I go often! Can’t believe they were so close! If I would’ve known they were filming something new in LA I would’ve just been cruising around LA for hours in my car til I saw them lol. You rock Boys keep it up!!!

  6. Sarah

    Brilliant series. A couple of the episode had me laughing outloud. Can’t wait for the next series.

  7. Jakob Ruffinen

    Trailer Park Boys is the greatest show I have ever seen every time I watch an episode or movie it makes my day. Pure genius, I rewatch episodes daily. I cant wait to see the boys live again. Mr. Lahey will be missed greatly😢. I’m so thankful I saw a live show while he was still alive! If you haven’t seen them live quit playing yourself and purchase a ticket! Thank You Boys and everyone Involved.

  8. Bobby

    Whens the next season come out and do you guys ever go to cali like the bay area for shows.

  9. Monika Fuller

    I fucking love Trailer Park Boys!!!!
    Ricky, I’d love to hang out with you!!
    You guys are awesome….”don’t you have any off’s to fuck”? Fuck off!!! 😂😂😂

  10. Diane

    Can’t imagine living without Trailer Park Boys, when are the new series coming out for 2018
    Love you guys here in Florids

  11. Thomas Westgarth

    Trailer park boys is my life and my religion. Just finished watching season 12. I cried when hearing that the legend John dunsworth had sadly passed but his legacy will continue to live on in our hearts and on our television. Cant wait for a season 13 next year. My daughter is 6 yrs old and loves bubbles and she compares me to Ricky. Love from north Wales, UK.

  12. Jessica Mancuso

    PS.. when are u guys gonna do some Shakespeare.. just for fun!! I would love to see Julian hold a skull instead of a tumbler ^.^

  13. boomhaur

    Hey man love y’all show. Funny as hell when you shot that gun off in Jillian’s house. Fuckin funny.

  14. Linda Sales

    I LOVE all of Yall ! Yes , I’m from Georgia ! Please come down to the dirty South ! I fuckin love the Trailer Park Boys ! Searching the net for anything TPB! RIP JOHN DUNSWORTH 4-12-46 to 10-16-17 he will dearly be missed !

  15. Lauren

    Love TPB Watched every episode! Love Bubbles he’s hilarious love Ricky with his stupid sayings and Julian he’s the man shout out to Randy RIP John Dunsworth you were a funny ass guy!!

  16. chris

    Hi I’m going to the show in upper Darby, pa. I plan on proposing to my girlfriend I’m thinking after the show in parking lot. Were both huge fans and I figured I really make it a night to remember. But if there’s any other possibilities please let me know.

  17. Jasna

    I’m Canadian living in LA, and every time I watch this show I feel like packing my shit up and moving back. Canadians are the best!

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