Trailer Park Boys Postpone Upcoming Tour

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Due to the sudden passing of John Dunsworth, known to fans as trailer park supervisor Jim Lahey, the Trailer Park Boys have postponed their upcoming Dear Santa Claus, Go F#ck Yourself Tour.
A statement from Trailer Park Boys John Paul Tremblay, Mike Smith and Robb Wells:
“The sudden passing of our dear friend John Dunsworth has affected people from all over the world, especially those of us who were closest to him. We have tried to re-work the show without him, but it has become clear that this is not going to be possible in the available time. We deeply regret having to inform our fans that the TPB Christmas tour is officially postponed until 2018. We are working on a new live show with Randy – A F#cked Up Evening With the Trailer Park Boys – for the rescheduled dates. We sincerely apologize to our fans and venues for any inconvenience this has caused.”
Tickets for all shows except Dallas will be honoured. Additional tickets will be available for purchase starting Monday, Nov. 20 – refunds will also be available at that time. Dallas ticket holders will be contacted by the ticketing company directly in the next few days to issue equivalent seating location and fan club tickets will be held.
New dates:
Apr 2 – Edmonton
Apr 3 – Calgary
Apr 4 – Vancouver
Apr 5 – Seattle
Apr 6 – Portland
Apr 7 – Oakland
Apr 9 – Los Angeles
Apr 10 – San Diego
Apr 11 – Phoenix
Apr 12 – Houston
Apr 13 – Austin
Apr 14 – Dallas *venue change to Majestic Theatre*


  1. Annie le

    I’m so sorry for your loss boys. He was a great person glad to have met him just 6 weeks b4 his passing:( #ripmrlahey #tpb #love..still saddened by this he touched so many people..ty John Dunsworth…

  2. Jon

    Too bad but totally understandable. RIP to John Dunsworth!

    Will there being a Christmas tour for 2018 then?

    How about some Swearnet membership passes? LOL

  3. Linda A

    My sincere condolences … and broken heart </3
    Rest Easy John Dunsworth .. and Thanks

  4. Angela sparling

    Its okay we thee fans understand. We are with you in thoughts at this time. See you in Phoenix mesa. Love you all.

  5. Dil

    Seems like the right thing to do.
    Take rest boys…during this Holiday Season, (seems like the Tres Hombres have landed in Clark County)….
    and reflect like Lennon Song…

  6. Teresa Speer

    Thank you for all the times you all have made people laugh when they wanted to cry and for the times you’ve made people cry from sheer laughter.
    The human factor is in play as we all face the concept of death and dying and the challenge of what we call “living”.
    With every passing moment we’re all on the low side of time…
    Apologize to no one.

  7. Tom Colangelo

    No way can you continue a show John was part of after his passing. I just rewatch the Christmas show from 2014 and a couple of times tears came during his performance. He was a talent that will be forever missed! I can’t imagine the sorrow you guys feel. I will support anything you guys do. Take care!

  8. Kegan Ross

    I’ve got some ideas for the storyline if you would be interested, just love the show by the way. Thanks, hope to hear back from you.

  9. David Price

    I am a huge fan of the TPB and was actually driving through the Yukon (Whitehorse) when I heard of John Dunsworth’s passing. He will truly be missed by all and I am sure that the show will be difficult to continue without him. I watched some old re-runs the other night and love the blue smurf look with the underwear on head. Got to love that Julian mannequin in the kiddie pool. Anyways, had tickets to fly from Alaska to Seattle for the November 30th event and purchased my tickets through Vivid Seats and they won’t reimburse or refund my money. I spent several thousand dollars on a non-refundable trip and they are being totally inconsiderate. My son is really upset and I don’t think I will have the money to fly down in April for the rescheduled event. Anyways, not your concern, but I am just a little frustrated and was really looking forward to this special time with my son.

  10. Amber

    To the family and friends of John Dunsworth, I would like to say, that I am so sorry for your loss and my thoughts & prayers are with you all. This is heartbreaking news!

  11. Jacka

    The liquor took another great. Only you guys know if the world is still turning. I am truly heartbroken for JD’s Family and yourselves. But his daughter is one sweet bit of ass. Too soon??
    Big love from the UK.

  12. Tige hand

    You should almost make it a tribute to him…he will definitely be missed. He was a big part of what you guys do, and did.

  13. Phil Collins Yummy Burgers

    Who ever talked about dope, not the right place for it. This should be about John Dunsworth. I hate when the living talk about live, instead of recognizing death. I think people do it to avoid facing the fear of it, but once you free yourself…then there is nothing holding you back. RIP Mr Lahey, thank you for the legacy you gave us.

  14. Kelly Vaughan

    Rest in peace, John. No one did it like you. Been watching the boys since forever and it is sincerely fucking depressing that you have no shows anywhere near my ass. For the record, my ass is in Laporte, Colorado. I’m sure there are plenty of venues near Denver that would love to host you. If not, I’ve got like, some acres and a horse shed, and some Xmas lights and shit. But seriously. Please come out this way. Just tell Ricky that weed is legal here. That should do the trick. Love you guys though for real.

  15. Dale

    Words are but hollow during the loss of a person whom was loved. Going to miss his shitism’s and the hardy laughs that he brought out with using them. Sorry Fella’s for ur loss

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