Trailer Park Boys cruise 2019

Trailer Park Boys Cruise – Give us your opinion!

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Trailer Park Boys cruise 2019

Julian’s last plan to go on a cruise got a bit fucked up, but we’re gonna try again! We’re planning to take over a cruise ship, round up some famous buddies and party hard… and we want YOU to come along! Not only that, but we want your opinion on which exotic location the ol’ shitliner should visit, which celebs we should bring along, and what kind of fun you wanna have!
Take the short survey below and tell us what you think:ย


  1. Olivia Reich

    I was just telling a fuckhead of mine that I wanna hang out with You fuckheads but the only way that would happen is a fucking miracle. If this cruise did happen it would be a fucking miracle. Count me in for 2. We can go to the Bermuda fucking triangle for all I care. JUST FUCKING DO IT!

  2. Bunny Villaire

    I think you should go to Hawaii. My uncle use to get some killer grass from there, and there’s all kinds of beautiful bonuses including the ladies. Hell, even Bubbles could get laid!

  3. James bong

    have a great trip guys, have a safe Christmas n happy new year.
    I’ll smoke a big fatty for you ,I’ll send some pics .

  4. Aaron Thomas

    Let’s cruise along the western coast of the USA. We’ve got legal bud in WA & OR, and Ricky outta mingle with the locals there! And no matter where the boat takes us, I’d be honored to chill with other TPB fans for a week; that would be way better than any comic-con for me!

  5. Nick

    Largely depends on how long you plan to cruise for. I feel like the Caribbean and Hawaii is everybody’s go to, there might be some better places to go, but there is a lot of stuff to do there, its a nice n short cruise, and Bubbles can swim with dolphins!. However, it would be awesome for TPBs to do something in one of those places, especially with pot. Youve already hit Europe, and were live at the North Pole, but theres always down unda in Australia and New Zealand.

  6. angela bendon

    oh man oh man my husband and I are totally down with a cruise with the boys….. that’d be the shit. Were on east coast and Bermuda is beautiful…. just sayin!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Merry Christmas Boys!!

  7. Karon Domek

    He’ll fuckin yeah! Give a Bitch a heads up in advance when the shitliner will be leaving so I can get shit together ! Sounds like some greasy shit to me! Where ever the shit boat goes it better be green!

  8. Casey

    Hash tokens and smokes all around, boys! Lets take this shitliner through Panama’s anal. I hear booze is real cheap down there and they got some killer dope.

  9. Adam howell

    I’ll definitely be coming on this with a few mates if it can happen, how amazing!! Make it happen guys ! Adam howell from the UK ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Rhey

    Count me in! I don’t see any other place to go than Jamaica. Let’s go get some of that beautiful Jamaican ganja!

  11. Linda Weibrecht

    I would definitely go on a cruise with you guys. Cruisin’ around the Bahamas is nice, Jamaica is awesome too – Montego Bay.

  12. MagesseT (jewels)

    Color me: “GO!” Let’s make it the cruise that The Boys worked for and got screwed out of!! I took the survey – either Port of Departure is okay – since I/We have to fly there from SEA-F*CKIN’-ATTLE anyway…

    Activities: A screening of Swearnet: The Movie, with The Boys doing a “behind the scenes” chat afterwards;
    dancing ~ have a DJ/VJ play some Helix, Rush, April Wine, Mitchell … you know – the bands the Boys refer to on the show;
    swim parties;
    A “Rickyisms” contest, where the cruisers make up Rickyisms – but they can’t be ones that RICKY uses on the shows…winner gets ?? prize – TPB merch?
    Auction for a “Date with a ‘Boy’ ” – not a Tinder thing – just a couple drinks, a photo and an autograph -= it’d be fun to see who pays how much for a visit with one of the boys…and they’re GREASY enough to go for it, too!!

    ^^ Just a few ideas – cruises are a blast…

    Bermuda would be fine with me – but you Weedies seem to like Jamaica, ‘mon…’ – whatever port of call they choose, it’s going to be a SPLASH!

  13. Cassandra Perry

    Yes yes…hell yes!!!!! Can I get married while we’re there?!?!?!?!?!

  14. Jointchief

    Would not give a damn where y’all go or who y’all bring to party with Rickey Julian and bubblies would be the SHIT

  15. Quinn Feezor

    Fuck lets go. I dont give a fuck where we go as long as theres plenty of booze, weed ,and hella bitches.

  16. Annie le

    Hell yeah!!! OMG!!! Fucking decent! About time to set sail boys ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Jamie Gentry

    I really wanna go with my boyfriend Jeffrey. I hope it doesnโ€™t sell out before we get the money together. He is one of your biggest fans!

  18. Jessica Kitching

    My mom just got divorced, and she’s totally fuckin down for this cruise with me. Hell yeah but stay away from my mom boys i dont want her catching any damn crabs.

  19. Leo

    Love to, I fucking hate open water, but with Julian’s big muscles I might feel safer

  20. Jack Mariner

    Please bring snoop dogg on the cruise for old time sake, and fuck it tom cruise because its a cruise

  21. Theresa,Shawn

    I want to go but you made this cruise way more then what you said!!!

  22. Theresa,Shawn

    How the hell do people plan on smuggling pot onto this ship? Any ideas? Other then up the ass!

  23. Brian

    The cruise was fucking awsome boys. Little disappointed we couldn’t go to the island and should have lots more money for the overpriced cocktails. Had a great song all prepared for Bubs unfortunately other than the shows never saw you crazy fuckers. Now that weeds legal in the great white north you out to canister a music festival where everyone can drink get stoned out of our fucking minds. Let me know could plan it all out for you boys

  24. C

    Some of their fans managed to ruin our cruise. They were so rude and refused to follow the rules about smoking. I will be contacting Norwegian and telling them how bad it was.

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