Trailer Park Boys Tour US/Canada 2018

Trailer Park Boys 2018 Tour News

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The latest tour news from Ricky, Julian, Bubbles… and Randy! Get tickets and more info at

If you had tickets for the cancelled Christmas shows, please note that tickets for all shows except Dallas will be honoured for the shows in April (Dallas ticket holders, you should have been contacted by the ticketing company to make arrangements). Refunds are also available if you can’t make it.



  1. Kevin O'Leary

    Thanks Boys for all the years of entertainment. My son and I have really enjoyed the shows, specials, and movies.

    Two questions:

    1. When are the ‘Boys’ coming to Chicago?
    2. Where does Robb (Ricky) get his black print shirts. You should consider marketing those on the website in addition to the ones currently presently offered.

    I hope Santa/Jesus/God was generous to you on Christmas. Best of luck in 2018.

    1. Christie Chabassol

      I’ll third for Pittsburgh! You guys can stay in my rental property for free! We’d keep a lid on it.

  2. Jeff Froiland

    This is my favorite show of all time. Long ago passing Seinfeld I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love it. The cast is amazing and I’m a forever fan. Definitely going to catch a live show! Thanks you guys. Don’t change ever!!!

  3. steve and vickee wilcox

    please come to marfa texas………………………yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. Valerie Anderson

    Most Amazing show ever 😎 I’m absolutely addicted! Awesome acting, directing, and brilliant writing!! Good luck in 2018! John Dunsworth will always be missed😢💖

  5. Glitter

    Dear Boyz & Everyone working hard at The Best Dang CANADIAN Show Ever Eh !!!Oh btw . Plus all the other characters from The Sunnyvale Trailer Park ! We Watch your shows everyday ….for the F 4- Real !
    We Are addicted TPB’S and with “Swearnet” too. All us Friggin’ Fans are OBSESSED! We have seen several of your on ‘The road Special shows Live and It was on our families Bucket list! Total package with a Dream coming true with meeting you’s!Deeecent! Thanks 🙏🏻 We Pissed ourselves every single time we saw you’s and Watched all the old series and now the ‘ New Seasons ‘plus + we are Still so dang donged with being so Hyp’d up with Excitement about watching & chillin’ with some more of you’re Crazy Ass’d Trailer Park Boys antics with all the hardcore *Laughs* and with Every bit of All the other stuff YOU’S do for Us fans ! Everyone we know is a TPB’S friggin’ fan that follow you’s boys always ! All the people in this Trailer Park are getting already set …to get pissed ,drunk and Legally high on drugs in Canada & Everywhere in the World! Hurry up back Soon !!! We are Your Friends of the Road!
    Ps. From “US FANS” We are thinking & breathing and behaving till the release … Hurry We are Loyal ! Waiting for the :
    Click ‘n’ Netflix flick 4 Season: # ’12’
    ThanQ for Everything !
    For all the Seasons, we bought almost Everything at Every show with all the decent merchandise oh as well all The ‘greasy’ cheesy -weedy burgers. Juicy & Trailer Park spicy food! Attention : Sweet Jesus…
    ” Swearnet Is The Best site Ever”!!! Join Everyone ….Seriously, All Fans ‘Will NOT BE DISAPOINTED’! * Luv : Your Trailer Park Boys Obsessive fans ( our family )👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Lives ‘n’ breathes for All The Humour….High or not!
    ❤️RIP❤️️ Mr. John Dunsworth You will be Soooo Missed ! 😭

  6. Mandi Franco

    Dear TPB, Hello from Los Angeles, CA. Had tickets for Christmas Show but didn’t get to see you . God willing I’ll see you in April. Sorry about Mr. Lahey. I go to bed every night listen to you. I love you guys like family. I go to Law school so getting to see you is a big treat and I’ll be missing class to make it there. Take care boys. Btw, Bubbles, I love Cats also. LONG LIVE THE TRAILER PARK BOYS!!!!💋
    Your faithful fan. MANDI FRANCO

  7. Hannah W

    I got tickets to see Jim & Randy in November in Morgantown WV & sadly John Dunsworth passed away just days before the show. PLEASE COME BACK TO MORGANTOWN PLEASE!! I am dying to meet anyone from the show please I love you guys!!!!!

  8. Amy psuty

    Please come back to Pittsburgh you guys are the Very Best!!!! Love Ya!!!

  9. Valerie Anderson

    Oh my God you have to come to Tampa Florida! We love you guys!!
    We will bring our lawyer in case Ricky gets you in any trouble😉

  10. Michael

    Crystal and I just love you guys. Any tours in US let us know for realzzzzz. Even though we have watched you crazy asses over and over we still haven’t had enough. You are our boyzzz. As, for Mr, Layhey. We miss him already. Broke our hearts. He is and will always be the best.


  11. Jessica Aldridge

    Please come to the Springfield Illinois area please!!! We love you guys!!!

  12. Brian

    You guys have to come to N.Y. soon!! Was so sad to hear about John Dunnsworth, great person and actor will be sorely missed! Can’t imagine any better person to play Mr. Lahey he just perfected the character 🙂 tri state area a compromise?!

  13. Alex

    Come to Fairbanks, Alaska. Everyone would love if you guys came here or atleast I want to know where I can meet you guys at.

  14. Sherry

    Please come to North Carolina on your next tour!!! I fucking love you boys!! And Ricky, I’ll let you hippotize me into doing filthy shit 😂

  15. Lonnie burns

    U guys are the best.i love immatating Ricky now.everyone can fuck off.please come to new england.u guys are my happiness every time shit sucks.

  16. Terrill

    Please come back to Pittsburgh !i will pay for all your smoke while your here !!!

  17. William Glacken

    I just recently stumbled across the Boys on Netflix and I can only say that I’m obsessed.. love the boys the whole cast is great… writing is hilarious and I love the fact you all stay working together… keep it up … hope you make it to NYC or Long Island soon…. also Fuck offf .. gotta go rock a piss 👍🏻

    1. Author

      There should be George, look out for tickets at the merch stand at the venue!

  18. Barbara A Steohens

    Rock’s shirts can be found on Amazon. Men’s black and white Hounds.

  19. Suzy Espinoza

    When you guys( Trailer Park Boys) coming to california. I love you Ricky!

  20. Suzy Espinoza

    I love the Trailer Park Boys I’ve watched all 12 seasons twice all the movies the concerts the special editions. out of the park one last shot. & drunk and on drugs happy Funtime hour I hope you guys come out to California soon I would love to see you guys in person and I wish I could take a ride with Ricky in his car with the door missing

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