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Trailer Park Boys Silibongs at the TPB Store

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Puff-puff-pass in style with these Sunnyvale-approved Silibong silicone water pipes, now available at the official Trailer Park Boys store! These sassy bongs are pretty fucking decent, even if we say so ourselves. Made from unbreakable silicone that even Ricky can’t fuck up, you’ll be the envy of your “buds”!


  1. Justin Barz

    This is one of the most badass water pipes that I’ve ever seen. P.s. I think ricky could win against snoop dawg and cheech & chong at a smoking contest with his hands tied behind his back, if he puts enough thought towards smoking, and nothing else.

  2. Samuel Curtis

    I feeling a break in probation! ’bout ready to bubbles it’s way into my lungs with season twelve!.. Last time I hit the coast with the reafer it was in Red Rocks Amphitheater at a live event hosted by THE Trailer Park Boys themselves! Boy i’m fuckin pumped! the long wait is finally almost over!!! FUCK YEA!

  3. Ian Abraham

    Will there be a season 13 of tpb? And if so then when will it be expected

  4. Austin

    I hope there is a Season 13, because the other 12 seasons i watched like a hundred times, but they never get old. Hope there is and if so when can we expect it to be out?

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