TPB Randy's Cheeseburger Picnic Tour 2018

Randy’s Cheeseburger Picnic Tour!

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Trailer Park Boys' Randy is going on tour in 2018!

Lock up your cheeseburgers, Randy Bobandy’s going on tour! Randy will be venturing out of Sunnyvale Trailer Park and hauling his magnificent gut to the US this March – come on out for a fun night of belly laughs!

Click on the links below to order your tickets now – tickets are limited, so hurry up for frig’s sake. It’s gonna be GREASY!!!

3/20 – Bemidji MN –

3/21 – Duluth MN –

3/22 – St. Cloud MN –

3/23 – Minneapolis MN –

3/24 – Chippewa Falls, WI –

3/25 – Mankato MN –


  1. Rick Webb

    Madison WI needs to be on there…Saw you guys last fall in Milwaukee…Also I think you guys should do a burger show for Bobandy in the style of “Diners Drive ins and Dives… Classic

  2. Matt B

    Milwaukee is the one and only place you boys should be we are just as drunk and crazy here and we will always welcome you with open arms. I think I speak for all of Milwaukee when I say we love you guys.


    Holy fack boys ya’ll need to come to colorado…smoke all the weed ya want and tear up some burgers you too Randy ya basketball eatong walrus lookin mah fucka

  4. Benjamin Ruiz

    No Texas dates?? San Antonio has some of the fattest greasiest cheese burger walruses in the world!! AND WE CAN PARTY

  5. Karen Putman

    You guys need to sell cheeseburgers and julians (rum and cokes) on stage. All profits go to a Jim Lahey SHIT statue/memorial!!! Ill be at the seattle show with cash in hand!!!!!!!

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