Trailer Park Boys UK tour 2018

Trailer Park Boys LIVE: New shows for UK, Ireland, Netherlands & Iceland!

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Trailer Park Boys UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Iceland tour 2018
Spend the evening with the Trailer Park Boys… and Randy! Ricky, Julian, Bubbles and the Randinator are bringing their greasy NEW live show to Glasgow, Nottingham, London, Manchester, Belfast, Dublin, Amsterdam, and Reykjavik this September!
Ticket pre-sale for most venues starts Tuesday, 20 Feb at 9am GMT at – tickets will sell FAST, so hurry ta fuck up!


  1. Gerard Green

    About fuckin time youse fuckers came to the North!! We’ll see how tough Jillian is then! Best news all year!! Only thing better would be Trump getting the boot!

  2. Eryn

    Hope you guys are coming to Vancouver Canada, its the closest place to me. I want to talk about kitties with Bubbles, drink a few beers with Ricky and plan the next big scheme with Julian. Decent!

  3. Jaimie

    PLEASE PLEASE COME TO THE EAST COAST! I check constantly for new tour add ons. Big fan base on this side!!! I’d be first in line for that!!!!

  4. Brad Eiler

    My son Brad Eiler could be Jim Lahey’s Long lost son he has acting skills. A bit of a musician and he is funny. Let’s keep Mr. Lahey memory going let’s get some more entertainment going. Call us 570-581-8851

  5. Chris allen

    We wish u would come to Ohio, we love u guys here! Please do a show here!

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