Trailer Park Boys Season 12 – Official Trailer!!

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CHANNEL 10 BREAKING NEWS FROM SUNNYVALE: Trailer Park Boys Season 12 comes to Netflix Friday, March 30! It’s time for Ricky and Julian to grow the fuck up, and be for to be men. Julian gets a real job, Ricky gets a new girl, and Bubbles has a new business! Nothing could go wrong…. could it?!

Get your buddies round, grab some booze (Season 12 pairs wells with Freedom 35 beer and Liquormen’s whisky we hear!) and get ready to witness the greatest, greasiest Sunnyvale shitstorm on March 30!


  1. stomachworm

    Looks to be a great season thanks for all the fun and laughs throughout the years boys keep up the good stuff!!!

    1. Ben Klimchock

      This may be my favorite show ever. Think I’m my fifth way through watching the entire series. Honestly makes me want to be a broke trailer park resident doing jobs and growing dope in my trailer. Thanks for the laughs, keep it up!!

      RIP Mr. Lahey

    2. Randy

      Love the show guys aslong as you keep making it ill keep watching \m/ !
      Ps. Is there a way i could come play a extra on the show? I dont have a Resume in acting but iv been acting at haunted houses for 5 years

  2. Justin

    DECENT! I got a hundred dollars for groceries and 1400$ for liquor that day!

  3. Michael Miller

    Can’t wait!! Just was turned on to the series 1 week ago on Netflix by my son ( he knows I like funny shows) I have watched everyone of them in 8 hour stints laughed so hard had to change my underwear atleast 3 times from laughing so hard.I am very sorry about the loss of John .What a great actor,my sympathies to all his friends and family

    1. Jim

      I agree great show. Can’t wait till tomorrow. Love to the trailer park boys from Connecticut.

  4. Sarah

    I luv this show i watched all the seasons atleast two times already.. Some ppl think i am nuts nd think it is stupid but i luv it. I get a kick out of julian, ricky nd bubbles.. Nd jim layhe is such a crazy drunk nd reminds me a of a few ppl i kno who drink.. Nd randy well he is just a dummy but ricky actually makes being so stupid interesting u never can expect wut will happin bcuz its always crazy shit in its own way hahaha

  5. Ryan gluchman

    Why does it say the complete thwelth season is trailer park boys over is there going to be a season 13

  6. Rob

    I love you Guys.
    We only met once at Johns birthday.
    Please don’t stop making seasons with John gone.
    He wouldn’t of wanted that.
    You’re the stone he carved in theatre

  7. Ricky & Lucy

    My wife hates the show, but what Lucy don’t know wont learn her, I’ll be binge watching season 12 Friday, it’s gonna get messy.
    But hey, I am now the type of person to say I toad a so, but you know what? I toad a so, I fuckin a toad a so

  8. Dirty Burger

    I’ve heard midnight but I’m not sure if that’s beginning or Friday or end of Friday

  9. Joe

    Fucking good job boys. Laughed my fucking ass off. Really liked the tribute to John. Might have been the best season yet!

  10. Chris

    I hope that the trailer park boys has plenty of seasons to come season 12 was way to short but I loved it hell if there would if been a 100 episodes it would if been to short for me I live it y’all guys rock I hate that John passes I respects to all his loved ones

  11. Mike

    With all the swearing u can get ,only 1 thing would cap it off nicely for the girls to show off some skin ,tittys . Lol._. Sarah,Trinity , candy jrocs girls

  12. Trevor corey

    Is the show over now? Or going to be animated from now on? Very curious/concerned.

  13. Tina Powell

    My son, husband an I just binge watched season 12 and it was outstanding! You guys have brought a lot of laughter into our home and I hope you continue to for years to come. I didn’t know John had died until the end of the last episode and I literally burst into tears and feel as if I have lost a dear old friend. He will be greatly missed. I hope that his loss doesn’t deter you from continuing the show. We (your fans) need you to keep bringing your unique humor to us. We love you guys even way down here in South Alabama! My deepest condolences to you all, especially to Sarah and her family. God bless!

  14. Kenneth Bouchard

    I love twisted humor. Canada has a knack for making some of the best off the wall comedy ever. This just pushes the envelope way over the top. Trailer Park Boys just hits home, with all the crazy Shit they come up with. Brilliant Writers. Brilliant Actors, and the ultimate of low life down to brass tacks, situation comedy. You watch every episode wondering what hot water they will get themselves into next. True No Boundaries Comedy.

  15. Ryan

    I loved the season!! Probably my favorite one yet. The loss of Jim Lahey still makes me sad. But it was a good ending with all of them hanging out together. Thank you for all the laughs through out the years.

  16. Candace

    I love the trailer park boys, I’ve watched every season, I feel so bad for the loss of John dunsworth, terrible shock, keep the seasons coming

  17. Trey Austin Braswell

    All I want is to contribute to this show. That quote from him. Touched my soul.

  18. John Garrow

    Season 12 is the best season yet. I look forward to season 13,

  19. Ronnie Galliher

    I’m wondering if there’s gonna be a season 13. Where John aka Mr Lahey passed away. Rest in peace my brotha

  20. Salomon Carrillo

    I just saw finished the 12 th season and the ending was a surprise. I didn’t know John passed. I have seen all the seasons and I feel so disturbed about not seeing the trailer park boys complete. He is an amazing actor along with everyone on the set. And what amazing wise words the best currency is gratitude! I am glad to that I had the opportunity to see this show. It has brought me a lot of joy and laughter thank you all!!!

  21. Joshua Anderson

    Been watching from 2001 first episode. I am terribly sad ovee jhon death. Been with you guys like i said from 2001. Just watched 12th and contribute to jhon was amazing. Love u guys and thank you for years of laughs. My kids love you guys also.

  22. Gary Faria

    As much as I love this show… I would be okay if it ended on the high note now. Won’t be the same without Lim Jahey at our cervix

  23. Ronnie Galliher

    Reason it says the complete 12th season is because that’s all the seasons they have it right now.

  24. Lily S Mcginnis-Feazle

    does anyone know when this was filmed? had to be the beginning of 2017 since Lahey died in October of 2017..

  25. Squarole

    I sobbed at the end. Sobbed. Thank you all so much for bringing so much shit-laden joy into our lives. You are like the crazy, fucked-up family members most of us are so familiar with, and even when death takes our weird “drunkle” it takes something dear from us. For all of us that have fucked up, fucked off and been fucked over more times than we can count, thank you.

  26. ricky rivera

    I just watched season 12, episode 10. Great season , series finale. All the gang winds up in jail. Funny as hell. Cryptic last words from John dunsworth. He will be missed but his memory will live on . Your show is funny. Will there be a season 13?

  27. Terry

    So sorry about the loss of John. The show will never be the same without the him, but we all know you can’t just end the show here. There is so much more thats to come, and I can’t wait for a season 13. Love you glorious bastards

  28. Will

    I binged the whole season in a couple days, LOVED IT! It was fucked, greasy, and running on shit-fuel, but I loved every minute of it.

  29. Brian Flinn

    Watched you boys in Los Angeles last night live. Fuckin love you boys. Greatest show I have ever been to. Please keep up the episodes, already finished the last season. Waiting on season 13.

  30. Mark s wyatt jr

    I can honestly say that this show is the greatest show ever and I hope you don’t stop at 12 you know John he wouldn’t want the show to stop and I think I speak for everyone of your fans don’t let something like this end your show R.I.P John dunsworth he will live on forever in the hearts of us all

  31. Chris Shaw

    love the show boys. pls make a tpb cartoon pls. can feel the shit winds blowing. also come back to port hope. u mine as well call it Sunnyvale.

  32. Michael Cosgrove

    One year ago scrolling through NetFlix, after watching all of The Office episodes, I discovered Trailer Park Boys. I read some of the episode descriptions and decided to check it out. I watched every episode in a row that week, and have seen the entire series five times. I love getting home after a long day at work and letting go by watching this show. This show has kept me from becoming depressed. I love Ricky, Julian, Bubbles, and of course Mr. Lahey (r.i.p.). I will be a fan for life.

  33. Michael Miller

    I have watched every season 3x laugh ( enough to almost piss my pants every time )Netflix picked the best series I have every seen . Passing this on to all my friends and family who also feel the same. Keep up the good work!

  34. Dylan

    when season one started a lot of people thought this show would never last. I can remember buying all the seasons on DVD . That’s right when people still did that. These guys grow on you even tho it’s not meant to be that kind of show. And anyone who’s visited or from the east knows someone like these guys.
    Keep going . Stay true to the roots of the show. Goodbye Jim thanks for being the best drunk trailer park supervisor ever. The park will never be the same.
    Side note only 2 time I’ve cried for a celebrity John Dunsworth and Gord Downie

  35. Dylan

    Forgot this in my last comment.
    I’m not sure where how or why that last little Lahey monologue came from
    And the end of season 12. But it was as if he knew and had a plan . It was almost as if he started off in character and then the last 15 seconds or so was really
    John . Very sad and reassuring moment .
    We are full of gratitude to you John and you very much contributed RIP

  36. Randy

    Love the show guys aslong as you keep making it ill keep watching\m/! RIP John
    PS. Is there a way to become a extra on the show i dont have much of a acting resume but I worked at a haunted house for 5 years would be super cool but understandable if not Keep up the awsome work boys

  37. David

    Your show is the best fucking show I have every seen!!!! When I was down you made my day !! I use to skip school to watch the next seasons on Netflix . I love the show and I love how the character development was so real and how Ricky comes up with the funniest shit to say!! ” HEY REATARD CAN YOU HEAR ME I NEED A HAND IN HEAR COME FUCKING HELP US!!”

  38. Heather Boley

    My brother has been watching you guys since the beginning. I remember stumbling upon a few episodes in my teens and thinking holy fuck is this shit real? I live in Mexico now, but the roots still run strong in Canada, and I got my Mexican man hooked on this. We will forever miss the quick off the cuff humour of John those shit storms and shitnadoes and shit winds will forever be blowing in but will rest in peace with his dear soul. Truly one of the best in the business and you mother fuckers as well! Boys, please keep it coming. We just bing watched all of the seasons this last week and I’ve been balling my god damn eyes out over all the love everyone is giving John here and you all. You guys rock! Never stop laughing with what stupidity comes out of Rickys mind or some truths from bubbles. You guys rule

  39. Marcus

    Only just discovered TPB here in the UK. Absolutly love the show. Love Bubbles and always feel sorry for Corey and Trevor. Up to season 5 now back to the binge watching.

  40. Shelby Snyder

    I live alone. I have health issues and 3 years ago my daughter, tragically, passed away ( pretty bleak eh?) Well, 3 months ago, I discovered TPB. And the point is…… I laugh….. I laugh alot. I love every ridiculous, vile and hopeful character. I don’t write fan mail (unless you count Starsky and Hutch when I was 12). But I have to thank you for the laughter… It is profoundly refreshing for me.. Its like medicine for me.. Long live the Boys. I am now a lifetime fan.

  41. Shelby Snyder

    I live alone. I have health issues and 3 years ago my daughter, tragically, passed away ( pretty bleak eh?) Well, 3 months ago, I discovered TPB. And the point is…… I laugh….. I laugh alot. I love every ridiculous, vile and hopeful character. I don’t write fan mail (unless you count Starsky and Hutch when I was 12). But I have to thank you for the laughter… It is profoundly refreshing for me.. Its like medicine. Long live the Boys. I am now a lifetime fan.

  42. Samson

    I wonder if there is going to be a season 13 now the cartoon version would be alright but they should just keep making it like real life just Change it up a little bit now since there’s no more jim Lahey

  43. jenny n rob

    I fuckinlove trailer park boys.. England is loving it also. Rip me layhe xx

  44. Faith Shaw

    Please make more episodes i love you guys! Cant get enough of watching you! I live in NC and it makes me want to move to Sunnyvale and live. Lol. You guys are so funny and party all the time. I didn’t know other people existed like this in the world. Ricky reminds me of my stepson Chris lol. My whole household loved your show. We have watched all seasons. Please to all the cast you all do great work and it is very entertaining continue to make more shows and seasons we want them. I hope more seasons are made the fans love it and want it. It shouldn’t have ended the way it did

  45. Derek

    I’ve been a fan since I was a kid, I’m so happy you guys ended up bringing the show back, every seasons been great! I had to start over from season 1 because I can’t get enough! Anyone who says this show isnt great can make like a tree and fuck off.

  46. Erin Diana Cathey

    I love you guys so much. Every word, every scene, there’s nothing else like you guys and there never will be. Come back to america!!! Ill fly anywhere to see you guys, getcha some of that good washington weed!!! TPB FOR LIFE! ♡ we love you

  47. Clayton Kopachynski

    I need your help guys . My 16 year old son is smoking weed with his friends, and just got arrested for being high and breaking into cars . Any advice or can we visit you guys , to set him straight. Thanks guys .

  48. Lyndsey

    I was introduced to TPB last year by my amazing boyfriend. We’ve been together for two years, And this year was the year I finally sat down and binge watched all of the seasons. (1-12) This show has taught me so much about friendship and family and neighbors. It’s amazing because even though it’s fucked up comedy, it’s still good enough to reach you valuable lessons. I mean who wouldn’t want loyal friends like Ricky, Bubbles and Julian. Or a love like Lahey and the Liqour. Speaking of- This show can’t ever be the same without John Dunsworth. It is so heartbreaking, the last snip they added in at the ending of season 12. I tried my damndest to not cry. Because How can you have Randy without Lahey and vice versa? This has got to be one of the best Canadian series I’ve ever watched in my small lifetime. Also, what a dream it would be to hang out with the actors for a day, huh?! Except Barbara. Her scalloped potatoes are fucked. 😉 Haha. Anyways thanks for all the laughs. This show was enough to cure my deppression for months to come!

  49. Alec Beeton

    I would do anything to hang out with the TPB crew! I have watched all the seasons and can’t stop I am on the 8th time around watching them! Always cracks me up and the best show in the world!

  50. Leigh Ann

    This show is so incredibly funny! Thank you for all of the laughs!!! 😘❤️

  51. Melynda Hancock

    How the fuck do I send the boys a video?! They need to see the snake that came out of my chicken coup!! Melynda in Virginia, USA. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

  52. Robin Potts

    My daughter turned me on to the boys. I’m on season 12 now and it’s been great all the way. Sorry for the loss of you’re friends John Dunsworth. He was terrific and my daughter’s favorite character. I hope the show goes on. It’s a breath of fresh air.

  53. Kayla

    We need a good live show here in nova Scotia!! I can’t find anything online.. hopefully we get to get an awesome live show in Halifax this year.. I can’t find anything about 2018 except in the UK and Ireland this coming Sept.. fingers crossed to see yous here in NS soon =)

  54. Jessica

    A fan from Indiana USA. I love you guys so much! Yall got me through a tough time. Id get down in the dumps with how life is goin but id put in trailer park boys and you always lift my spirits and always give me a good laugh and smile. Will always be a die hard fan. Please keep the shit train goin! Much love <3

  55. Heather

    I love this show it’s so funny. I know soon everyone will be watching. I went to work and was cussing and said oh no it’s was because I was watching the funniest show ever, my co-worker was like oh I totally know it’s the bomb!

  56. Roger long

    First started watching TPB’s in 2014 when i got put on to the show from a Friend , (on Netflix ). I couldn’t believe I’d hadn’t heard of this show earlier in England, and that none of our channels had ever aired the show. It has to be one of the best long running series I’ve ever seen and one of the funniest, and every time I meet someone new i tell them about it. Sad to hear about John Dunsworth . He was an amazing actor, and i miss not seeing him pop up from behind a trailer with Randy in tow :(.

  57. Matthew Anderson

    Just finished season 12. Fucking awesome show boys. My condolences on the loss of John. Is there any Freedom 35 for sale anywhere?

  58. Cory Plum

    Please keep up the awesome work! I’m in England and from here a few of us want to thank you for the laughs and the relatable characters. It really is one of the best series on tv at the minute and can’t stop telling people to try it.

    Was devastated at the news of the Liqor Smurf, Fuck that dude was good, the scene in the alcohol spar with Julian the dummy freaked me out, one of many times he absolutely smashed it. RIP Jim!

    Thanks boys

  59. Jack Skillman

    Hi everyone, i would love to get a gold figyre of you guys, yall are fucking hilarious, btw love you 98 movie

  60. Samuel

    Im a die hard fan i can watch the entire run of seasons over and over. Seriously the funnies shit ive ever seen. Rest in Paradise John Dunsworth.

  61. Carol




  62. Concrete chris

    You fuckers got me HOOKED THEN DISSAPEAR WTF BETTER BE BACK ASAP OR IM COMMING TO THAT FUCKEDUP CANADA AND HUNTING THE 3 of you down to plant my foot right up your asses

  63. Mesila

    Statted watching the old show in 2007. It helped me get through the end of a 10 year relationship. I am an irrepressible cat lady so my favorite character jas always been Bubbles. I will always miss Lahey’s antics but man I hope the show will continue! I have watched the whole run several times as well as the spinoffs and specials. Wish I could afford to go on that crazy cruise!

  64. John Bruce

    I might be your first American fan. From North Dakota and was traveling through Manitoba for work back in 02′ or 03′ not really fucking sure. lots of things blurry that far back. But caught episode when Bubbles had to move into J-Roc’s van. Wasn’t even a flat screen in that hotel room.

    Anyway been a huge fan ever since. Guys are like family to me.

  65. Jerry

    Best show of all time. Got me through some bad times as well. Would love another season. R. I. P John

  66. Jacob davis

    Wtf guys cook up some of your shit best show on Netflix needs another season all those other dickholes are sucking dick for money put em too shame boys put em too shame ehh!

  67. Dan Brennan

    Huge trailer park boys fan….. When is season 12 getting released on DVD?? Thanks for any info

  68. Colm McDevitt

    I once saw John Dunsworth walking on Lady Hammond Road in Halifax, Nova Scotia, as I drove by Metro Pizza. I slowed down and shouted ” Hey Lahey, What’s going on ? ”
    He stood still and put his fist up at me and shouted as loud as he could for all to hear……………………

    ” Boy, I told you to stay the
    fuck out of Sunnyvale ”

    and then he gave me the finger !

    Thanks for all the laughs !

    Colm in Halifax

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