1. Dn McCain

    Can’t Wait!
    We have a 12Th Season Party all planned out For Friday.
    Then I’m taking all Employees & Wife’s to see you in Seattle
    the following Thursday.

  2. Carson

    I’m staying up late Thursday to see it when it’s realised then binge watching

  3. Ricky jr

    Will you guys sell green bastard beer online ? Otherwise whose got our bellies?

  4. Melynda Hancock

    Will there be a season 13? I need more TPB before I die. I have stage 4 breast cancer. I’m a 40-y-o married mother of 3. I love animals. TPB is the best show of my lifetime! If I could see the boys in person it would be like a dream come true. My favorite characters are Bubbles, Cory and Ricky. But all the cast is awesome. I’ve binge watched the entire series a few times and have seen many podcasts and I think all but 1 movie. You guys keep me laughing and wanting more!

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