Trailer Park Boys Season 12 now streaming on Netflix

Trailer Park Boys Season 12 now streaming on Netflix!

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Trailer Park Boys Season 12 now streaming on Netflix

HAPPY FUCKIN’ TRAILER PARK BOYS S12 BORNTDAY!!! The complete TPB twelfth season is now streaming on Netflix, and we’ll be partying our cocks off all weekend! Get your buddies round, get in the dope and booze (and the good kind $8 chicken fingers) and get ready to binge the fuck out of S12! And don’t forget to raise your glasses to the greatest, greasiest Trailer Park Supervisor the world has ever for to be seen…


  1. Amanda

    Whereee is the 12 the season I slept alllllll day to watch it at 12:01am!!! Hurry up Netflix and release it!!!soooo excited

  2. Jim

    Rest In Peace John, you’re the Manager of the great trailer park in the sky now, may the shitwinds always be at your back

  3. Mark

    Cheers to you now and forever Jim. You were and always will be the best trailer park supervisor. Rest in liquor bud.

  4. Trevor

    Is this the last season😭 i just watched all of it and it looks like it please tell me its not true.

  5. Letty

    Is this the final season or will you continue it without john? I know nothing will fill the void but perhaps there will be an opportunity to take the show in a new direction and still respect lahey’s memory (provided his family is comfortable with it). In any case i really hope there will be more TPB’s and im excited to see what direction the show goes in next. RIP John you truly were the most amazing actor and person of our time 🙂

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