Trailer Park Boys On Tour!

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Ricky, Julian, Bubbles and Randy’s tour is a fucking blast! Great fucking crowds along the way and great laughs! And a few famous faces came along too, can you spot ’em? Click on the images below to view them in all their greasy goodness!

There’s a few dates left on the US tour, and don’t forget we are coming to the UK, Ireland, Amsterdam and Reykjavik in September, so get your frigging tickets at!!


  1. james wheeler

    I dont know who any of those people in the pictures were![ ok Sebastian Bach]

  2. Karma Luke

    Ricky, Julian, Bubbles, you guys are amazing, you are too Randy you and your cheeseburger gut lol anyway, I hope y’all come to Florida at some point Jacksonville or Gainesville you don’t wanna go to Miami Ricky the bud, oil and hash is wayyy over priced but so is the liquor Julian, anyway you guys keep doing what you’re doing putting smiles on faces, and making it a brighter place out there I hope to someday meet y’all, I’d love to smoke a blunt with ricky, id show him how to roll a fat one and that they are wayy better than papers, but anyway i love you guys and keep up the good work and hopefully if I’m lucky I could meet you guys, keep it real Ricky, Bubbles, and Julian

  3. Zachsinsane

    Tour to salt lake city, utah never heard of you guys swinging this way before

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  5. Travis

    Come to Oklahoma-lots of bad ass trailer parks, moonshine and cattle to make burgers out of for Randy’s cheeseburger eating a$$!

  6. Jordan

    Come to Oklahoma man it would be fun for yall plenty of dope idk if it’s better than what yall got but and plenty of booze

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