Trailer Park Boys at the NSLC Bayers Lake

Meet the Trailer Park Boys in Halifax on April 26!

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Trailer Park Boys at the NSLC Bayers Lake

HALIFAX! The Boys are coming home, and they wanna hang out with YOU!! Come on down to Bayer’s Lake NSLC on Thursday, April 26 at 2-4pm to meet Ricky, Julian and Bubbles AND get your hands on some scrump-dilly Freedom 35 beer and Liquormen’s whiskey!

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  1. David

    Hi. I had a question. Where do the trailer park boys hang out? I am visiting Nova Scotia and I would like to see them during my stay here.

  2. michael

    Those guys are so damn funny my brother says I used to act just like Ricky I always thought that was funny

  3. Sarah Dunster

    Will the boys be in nova Scotia in August 2019? Driving ftom Montreal with my kids who are huge fans.

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