Thank You, John Dunsworth

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John Dunsworth didn’t just play the world’s greatest trailer park supervisor. His amazing talent, intellect, and humour has inspired countless fans, colleagues, and friends, and we all love and miss this incredible man. You can now watch a video tribute to John Dunsworth at

Produced by Screen Nova Scotia and edited by Sarah Byrne (who has edited over 30 episodes of Trailer Park Boys), the tribute was first screened at the Screen Nova Scotia Awards Gala in May 2018. ACTRA Maritimes has also created the “John Dunsworth Screen Actor’s Fund”, which will support the professional development of Nova Scotia performers, and the Boys have contributed $20K to the fund to get it started.

Thank You, John Dunsworth!


  1. chancey

    I just finished TPB, at 3:00am on 6/11/18, I didn’t know that John Dunsworth had passed, I really loved him in the show, Great fuckin actin man!

  2. Mark

    *Raises glass*
    Here’s to you good sir. Always and forever. Cheers boys.

  3. Paul Thomson

    Wow….what an amazing guy. My friends and I are avid watchers of the series and love Jim Lahey. We watch the series over and over again. They never get old. John is irreplaceable and is huge loss for the show, the fans and especially his family. I feel honored to have seen him perform live as the character we all love.
    RIP John. Thanks for the laughs

    Paul, UK

  4. Bob Lee

    Rest in Peace Mr.Dunsworth. I hope you rest easy in that big liquor bottle in the sky. Thank you for all the laughs. You pulled me through a hard time in my life. Rest well my friend. Rest well.

  5. Diane Shirley

    I have never laughed so hard as at Mr. Lahey’s antics. John Dunsworth is the best drunk is the history of acting. Not only that, but instead of Lahey being a cartoon, he was a fully fleshed out guy with regrets, humanity, a big heart and a hair trigger temper, because John Dunsworth helped us see that. He was one of a kind.

    Thank you, TPB, for the best laughs I have ever had, and am pretty sure will EVER have. And a wonderful cast of characters who never give up, despite their many fuck ups and failings, who we all love because no matter who we are, we can relate. People don’t think of Ricky, Julian and Bubbles as inspirational, but they are.
    Love you guys.

  6. Nigel Hill

    Thankyou John a superb actor an excellent teacher and a proper shitbringer love your antics. I’m excited to see the direction the boys take moving forward but I’m sure EVERY fan past and future will appretiate everything you put I to TPB you live on everyone someone hits play. RIP

  7. Christian Nielsen

    I had to shed a tear when I saw John had died. He was one of the bigger parts of the show, and his shit-speeches will be dearly missed. Thank you John for the amazing acting and everything you did for the show! RIP

  8. Neil Hutchison

    When I binge watched and cackled like a mental patient through the first three series after a friend burnt them onto cds I knew I’d always love what you did. I only learned of Jim’s passing today and not only has a truly skilled and gifted actor left us but there will now be the heartbreaking reality that TPB will never be the same again without that crazy drunk beautiful man.

    Jim you made me howl with laughter and for that a man you never met is truly saddened by your passing.

    Look after each other guys and keep the family together.

    With love


  9. Dankscumbag

    Please let there be more seasons Rest In Peace everyone that help make the show what it is helped a lot of people get threw some tough times you guys definitely left your mark in history in my book!

  10. Anonymous Botch

    It was a shitty discovery to find out you’d passed on and we’d never see your great acting ever again.

  11. Randy Laheyson

    my friends and i watched Trailer Park Boys pretty religiously. I’ve re-watched all of the seasons soooo many times. And one thing I will never forget going forward with the show, is that John Dunsworth made the show what it is, and the show will not be the same…

  12. John Nicholson

    You’re with the shitwinds now Mr Dunsworth, thank you for enriching my life and so many others. I’ll raise a glass for you tonight…

  13. Anthony Mercury of Newport News, VA.

    I get so sad everytime I read or think about John Dusworth’s passing. I cant explain why. Even death in my own family or friends doesnt do as much to me. Unexplainable. Your legacy is historic and will always have a place in my heart.

  14. Julie

    I can not believe what I just heard about John passing away. I used to watch this show as a kid. I still watch the re runs to this day, and they never get old. It is saddened he is gone, and the family who is left behind, I want to let you know he is a remarkable actor and always made me laugh. I loved watching him giving Ricky and the gang a hard time. I am honored that this show is around and when you watch it, it feels as if you are part of the family. Xxxooo RIP

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