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Join the Trailer Park Boys Cruise in March 2019!!

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Tell winter to FUCK OFF next March! Bubbles, Ricky, and Julian are hitting the high seas with some very special friends for a 4-day cruise to a private island in the Bahamas – and YOU’RE INVITED!! We’re parking the Shitmobile in Tampa, Florida and hitching a ride on the beautiful Norwegian Pearl from March 6-10, 2019, setting sail to crystally-clear Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas.

We’ll also be bringing along RANDY, CORY & JACOB, TOM GREEN, BIF NAKED, DOUG BENSON, BUBBLES & THE SHITROCKERS, and more awesome guests to be announced!

Your new FLOATING PARTY PALACE, The Norwegian Pearl, awaits you with all the amenities and accommodations you need for smooth, drunk sailing. With a piss-free pool and hot tubs to chill in, multiple bars and lounges, a Julian-approved ‘Moneyvale’ casino, luxurious richey-type spa services, an ENDLESS supply of the best food you could ever fuckin’ eat… and MORE!!

CLICK HERE to register for the pre-sale, get priority booking, learn about flexible payment plans, and check out all the awesome shit we’ll be doing onboard!


    1. Author

      Fuck no, Joanne – tickets are on sale now at!

  1. Allen Thomas

    How is this a four day cruise if the dates are 6 to 10 March (5 days)?

    1. Drew

      Allen Thomas are you Detarded??? It said a four night cruise where is the fifth night in your scenario?

  2. Steve

    Will the boys be on the cruise the whole time?..why is there a live podcast if they are on the ship? Will there be any interaction with the fans?. Sounds a bit fucky boys.

  3. Daniel Stirling

    Everything else looks like a fucking dream how would I ever get to go on a Cruse with the trailer park boy’s I would consider my self as one of your biggest fan I’ve watched every episode at least a hundred times and know every episode off by heart please get the fuck back to me my friends call me Boon from Boonville I love you guys and would love to be on cruse with yous

  4. Suzy Espinoza

    I love you guys I’ve watched all 12 Seasons twice on Netflix I’ve also watched all your movies your concerts your special editions out of the park series one last shot drunk and on drugs Funtime when are you guys coming out to Ontario California or Los Angeles I love you Ricky I wish I could take a ride with you in your car that’s missing a door

  5. Suzy Espinoza

    I wish I was going sailing with you guys you should raffle off some tickets

  6. Satan

    Please let there be more seasons Rest In Peace everyone that help make the show what it is helped a lot of people get threw some tough times you guys definitely left your mark in history in my book!

  7. Elizabeth Rider

    Disappointing at best. Wanted to visit Great stirrup Cay for Island party. Should have been a better alternative then Freeport “disgusting” Freeport Bahamas. Ugly and crime ridden. Nice place to stop if your a crook. Maybe Ricky Julian and Bubbles got off for some fun. Would have been better to stay docked in Tampa. Expensive for what we got out of it. 3000 dollars and 800 in others14.oo for a small drink. Gosh no wonder the other half of the ship was having a better time with their free drinks and cheaper prices.

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