Randy's Cheeseburger Picnic - US Oct Tour

Randy’s Cheeseburger Picnic tour – fall 2018 dates!

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The Randyman is back on the road this October! Randy is taking his epic Cheeseburger Picnic live show across the US and Canada this fall. Many venues SOLD OUT last time, so make sure you grab them now, for frig’s sake!





  1. Joanne Palumbo

    HEY! WTF? Comin’ to America & you can’t offer me an effin’ cheeseburger?! What’s wrong with Connecticut, huh? Did you ever think that maybe we want a cheeseburger Picnic too?
    LOL. Seriously. WTF?

  2. Jamie Lamb

    Ontario doesn’t end in London!
    How about showing some love to your fans down in Windsor? Come to Windsor! You’ll sell out

  3. Gene

    Loved ya in Bangor Maine with John last year hope ya have time to come back . have a good tour thanx for all the laughs.

  4. JD

    Must be too hot in Florida this fall??!! We need some Florida shows next time guys, cmon!!!

  5. Michael Kilpatrick

    Come to Virginia Beach Virginia! I’d love to see any of the boys! Plenty of venues

  6. Stephen Noel

    Eh!!! Randy! You cheese burger eaten bastard (jk). When you visiting Victoria, B.C. next and the boys? East Coasters/West Coaster Canadians stick tight like a f*ck’n delicious JBC at Wendy’s…with extra Tomato bud. Common, it’s Bud central here in B.C. next to you all! Love you Randy, you Greasy Otter.

  7. Stephen Noel

    ….i just smoke good old fashiuuned Gold Blue Berry Strain – pardon my Fuck…er..ammar.. Umm….JbC’§ with extra tomatoes – Question brother Randy – is it Tooooomato…..or Taaaamato?

    Happy New Years Boy’$. Been watching you all since day 1. Proud to be Canadian – my blessing§’ to John Dunsworth 😢. Canada lost a beloved Canadian 💙💛🙏🌺🌴. I know he’s looking down on all of you.

    – Boy’$…. You are not done, Mr. Lahey wants you to Continue, ALL OF YOU!*# So don’t Fuck around and make him proud and Rebuild The Trailer Park in his Name – just keep all his Axis mother Fuckers of his past, out of Sunnyvale in his Legacy…. It’s all about Legacy Right Now Boys to Save Trailer Park Boy’s right now!!!

    New ideas will come after, watching you all since day One!, really….has always been a fucked up medicine for me, that all of you kept me happy.

    You are all more than a show – the evidence it prompt.

    Aka, I challenge you Julian to an Arm Wrestle.

    Another idea because I am a proud Canadian of you Boys, somehow, someway…… If you opened The ‘SunnyVale Trailer Park’ you own, in to a resort – for Fans…. I will wager you à BET!!!!!!! You’d make the most money tenting Sunnyvale Trailers out and Juliana Bar at certain times of the East Coast Season Weather, to people. Because, you can damn well bet I’d Love to have a Life memory crashing a Weekend at Sunnyvale Trailer Parker for a Holiday……before it’s to late.

    I hope one of you Boy§ actualky fucking read this and treat it like all other Canadian Mail – This Ain’t the Wizard of Oz or Drunk or on Drug’s happy Fuck time Hour.

    Respect guys, you not only Will….you are!!! part of Canadian History I actually am Proud of Fucker§’.

    Happy New Year and come visit you Twin Sibling – the West Smoke coast of BC Again Fuck..

    Cheese burger…with cheese.

  8. michael

    come to California Randy man….. You were the moral conscience of the show bro…

  9. Eddie Ritz

    Need pic to run with notice about upcoming show at Respectables in West Palm Beach.
    Can you send one?

  10. Jason Bundren

    You are coming to illinois later this year. My 10 year old neice loves the show and would love to meet you. Unfortunately your picnic woupd be a little to adult for her. Are you doing any meet and greets when you are in pekin before picnic?

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