Happy Legalization Day, Canada!

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So Canada… got any plans for today? Roll up a few six paper joints, lock up your cans of ravioli, and fucking celebrate with us! And if you’re not too fucked up, check out our new TPB smoking accessories bundles at the Canadian Trailer Park Boys merch store!


  1. Brett Thompson

    I heard you boys are looking into selling your own weed brand(s). Any news on that? Will it be called Ricky’s Good People’s Dope?

  2. Gerard Green

    Lucky shit hawks!! Here in UK little Motel will be the weekend assistant trailer park supervisor before we can buy even medicinal is years behind!!

  3. Mike Smith

    Is there gonna be a season 13 ? And its jokes. Because my name is Mike Smith my old high school teacher use to call me bubbles I was like why in da fuck u calling me bubbles and said dont u watch tpb said yea. Didnt know bubbles was thr mike smith on the credits. Ahaha said to him why u watching that show lol and. I pulled a joint. And burned with my princepal best princepal ever had in my life let me basically get away with murder. In school and all we did was shoot the shit about the show. Best session ever had.

  4. Redhead

    Damn, Canada! With your hot PM and legal weed, all you’d need now is great weather and I’d move there tomorrow! Plus, legalization was on my birthday. Decent!

  5. Gilli "Marydoll " Cameron

    I am seeking to look to escape to Canada from a backward cruel narrow mindededly country called Scotland which is ruled by morons in suits and bent cops who “fear the weed” and persecute tokers. Whats the chances of political assylum or a job/ husband for a middle aged TPB fan with four decades of joint rolling experience, good cook and a great sense of humour? I can bring my own 1984 Esprit trailer. I’m sick of living in Shitville UK. Please help, Marydoll from Glasgow

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