Randy’s Cheeseburger Picnic Tour – Canada!

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Grease is the word – Randy’s Cheeseburger Picnic tour hits Canada on November 6! 🍔It’s a wild night of Sunnyvale comedy, cool music, cheeseburgers, and a chance to see the most famous belly on the planet of the Earth!  Grab your tickets here before they all frig off:

Nov 6 Parry Sound, ON – tinyurl.com/y8qpqogm
Nov 7 New Market , ON – tinyurl.com/y9rovlw3
Nov 8 London, ON – tinyurl.com/yampry4q
Nov 9 Waterloo, ON – tinyurl.com/yaqe28pu
Nov 10 Guelph, ON – tinyurl.com/y9u5hn4r
Nov 11 Oshawa, ON – tinyurl.com/yalcrpd7
Nov 12 Arnprior ON – tinyurl.com/y7lt55h7


  1. Lisa

    Have one for yourself and one for Mr. Lahey. What a brilliant actor he was. He brought joy and laughter to all of us.

  2. The French Canadian Guy

    How about montreal u fuckers,.. u guyz have a decent fanbase out here, will hook u up

  3. The French Canadian Guy

    How about montreal u fuckers,.. u guyz have a decent fanbase out here, will hook u up

  4. Jordan Carlson

    Damn I wish I frigging go to this and I live in Minnesota it would take long to get there but maybe another time😞

  5. kyle lund

    sooooo season thirteen when is it coming btw I’m 13 I’ve been watching since before season 10 came out I really like it and I def going to keep watching and also just gotta say atodaso I Fucking atodaso we need a season 13 now 2019 or 2020 I can wait

  6. Samuel Swan

    What you assholes need to do is come to the US specifically Philadelphia, Not just Bobandy, all of you assholes. And you better film something else, I fell in love with the out of the parks and all of the movies. I actually paid multiple dollars for some of them! Don’t Fuck Me Over!<<<<<<<… All said and done I love all of you shit weasels, but i'm not going to accept that tpb is over. Stated with love. Sam

  7. Eric B.

    I want you, randy. Not even want. I need you. I need you to come back to Gainesville, fl. My dick headed friend “who shall remain nameless” DALE… went to see you and didn’t tell me about it. I am very distort by his actions and would love for you to come back! I’m a fantastic cook and I would love to prepare the best cheese burger that you have every wrapped your lips on! I can’t wait for a reply!

    P.S.- I was and am truly saddened to hear about Mr.John Dunsworth. ..
    He forever lives on through your work!

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