Trailer Park Boys Christmas Message 2018!

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We wish you a Merri Cristmas and a high as fuck new year!!


  1. James stewart

    Hey boys can u guys please come out with some more episodes of trailer park boys


    Miss you guys! When is the next season of the show? The show must go on!

  3. Trav

    I can’t fuckin wait for more trailer park boys and Id personally love to party with everybody from the show

  4. Michael Fragomeni

    Love you guys! Would do anything to hang out with you dudes! I’ve never been to Canada!

  5. Jared

    I’m late here boys, but Merry Christmas haply fucking new year Im.high as fuck boys can’t wait for more TPB to hit the flix. Currently watching Wells cook meat with no pants in the woods.

  6. TimotHy miChael ward

    You fucking slubberdeguleans better make a cartoon series that last a whole season and then wake up where you left off in jail!

  7. Marc Paris

    Gonna be going on the cruise … can’t wait. Also going to the Tampa Bay Lightning / Winnipeg Jets Hockey game on March 5th. Hope to see you guys there.

  8. Jeremi Paradis

    I met (and played pool) with John Dunsworth. One of the nicest guys you could meet. I’ll surely miss Mr Lahey but can the show go on without him? I hope so.

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