Randy's cheeseburger picnic

Randy’s Cheeseburger Picnic Hits the Road!

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Randy's cheeseburger picnic

Lock up your hamberders America, Randy Bobandy is back on the road for another greasy Cheeseburger Picnic! Randy will be bringing his unique comedy performance to the venues listed below, and is also bringing his talented friend Shel along for some tunes! A night of hilarity and grease is guaranteed  – check out Randy’s Cheeseburger Picnic Facebook page for tickets and more info!

Maybe Randy should stop by the White House as well, and show ’em how a REAL cheeseburger picnic is done….

Randy's Cheeseburger Picnic Tour


  1. Gerard Green

    Randy may watch if trumps gets wi d of bobandy mocking him he’ll Barr him form the states!

  2. Amie Outen

    I fucking love trailer park boys I have watched all of your films and episodes.

  3. Dankscumbag

    Come back to Southern California randers I cook A 1 burgers bud I’ll hook you and the boys up bud it’ll be real descent boys we can even smoke some dope Bobandy

  4. Seth Gomez

    You greasy cocksuckin son of a whore! Bring your fuckin hairy gut down to Colorado! We’ll get the old sawhorse out fofanders, and have a little practice for the blanford, bud.

  5. Jim Sandling

    I had the pleasure of being the assistant to ran ran boo bandy at the cheeseburger picnic in Braidwood, Illinois tonight and it was friggin awesome. Best time ever, thanks randers and I’m still waiting for my spot as the new assistant trailer park supervisor of Sunnyvale, sincerely

  6. Tony

    No love for us here in the low country of Charleston,SC?? Come on Bub when I seen this I was like “Frig” yeah I’m going to meet Randy if he comes here.

    1. Author

      Fingers, toes and cocks crossed that Randy adds some Cdn dates in the future!

  7. Christy S Byrd

    Need tickets to the band or or eugene show how can I get tickets cant find them anywere

  8. Roger burdo

    Randy your the man but I wanna see you and all the boys with ya.i want the Tom arnold experience! It will be on the bucket list to meet ya all! Sorry to all you guys for the loss of leyhee. See ya in Albany ny from a true fan.keep it greezy boyz!

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