Trailer Park Boys Nominated for Two 2019 Canadian Screen Awards

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Breaking fuckin’ News: Trailer Park Boys has been nominated for TWO 2019 Canadian Screen Awards for Best Writing – Comedy, and Best Picture Editing, Comedy! Winners to be announced in March.

Congratulations to Mike Smith, Robb Wells and JP Tremblay, and our awesome editor Jeremy Harty!


  1. Gerard Green

    Well fuckin done yas dicks!!! Congratulations and good luck Gerard G. Belfast.

  2. Michael

    I love you guys you’re doing a great job I would love the opportunity to work for you I’m here if you need me even if it’s volunteer work

  3. Suzy Espinoza

    of course you were nominated Right – on boys! I love your show I’m straight out of Ontario California!!

  4. Gilly Conolly

    That is good news TPB has been nominated but PLEASE do NOT glamourise the use of CLASS A drugs., including Skunk, the genetically modified brain frying shite invented by a moron who deserves to be on death row for the child addicts he has created and lives he has ruined. There is a massive problem in Scotland with kids under 12 and teenagers addicted to Skunk, Mandrax and LSD already. These kids all watch TPB, and copy you guys so please stop with the heavy drugs as your source of comedy is the root of a lot of family tragedy’s and it is just not fucking funny you Fecking Fuckwits. Any mair of your Pish about Class A’s and a posse of us Glasgow mothers are coming over to boot your Canadian baws. As we say in Scotland, “shut yer Geggy ya bunch of Fannies or we will “gie ye”s a Glesga kiss and put maggots in your underpants ya Wallopers”. ps you should come Glasgow, Scotland and meet the legendary “Mini Morrison” as he is one the funniest guys on the planet, as funny as Billy Connolly. Watch this space, we may write our own comedy series here and call it ‘Caravan Site Girls’. Come and meet the real Scots

  5. Chris

    Congratulations from your biggest fan in the U.S. Navy! People say I belong in Sunnyvale! I drink a lot, I used to manage a trailer park myself, and if that doesn’t tickle your shit boxes, my wife and dad call me sperm! Hey, I started as semen and I’m gonna die a seaman!

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