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CHANNEL 10 BREAKING NEWS: We’re getting reports of ‘something DEEECENT’ happening at Sunnyvale Trailer Park!

More news as we get it… I’m Steve Rogers


  1. Gerard Green

    I thought you retired after trying to play catch with the rocket ya rocket!! about fuckin time them three cocks got their hands off their own cocks or Randy’s and do a bit of work cos the tours don’t count as work so fuck off now!!

  2. Suzy Espinoza

    So what’s up Scallywags you guys going to get me a free ticket to join you in the Bahamas or what I’d love to go and get my fuck on with Ricky this is my news from Suzy Espinoza and Ontario California back to you Steve

  3. Tori Pomeroy

    FUCK YEA FUUUUUCK YEAH! My boyfriend and I have watched everything so many times were at the point of reciting it 😍 FUUUUUCK YES

  4. jimmybobby

    Everybody be open minded about the toon series if that’s what it is, you haven’t even seen the shit yet

  5. Megan Sharpe-Galyean

    I just want to know if there will be a season 13 of the actual show??

  6. Prevent Tv

    Once you release this you guys are losing a lot of fans and opportunities, atleast one or two more real seasons then go animated, don’t jump into animated yet please. Were all begging.

  7. Brittney S

    Absolutely pumped to see what you have in store for the animated series!! C’mon march 31st!! HURRY THE FUCK UP AND BE HERE ALREADYYY.

  8. Pepega

    Hello guys love ya, watched with my group of 5 friends all season and europe tour, keep up the good work and put more Cory and other characters on, greetings from Croatia.

  9. Kasper Lahey

    Just give us a real life season 13 instead of this animated shitshow of a shitreel.

  10. Mike

    Are u guys gonna do anymore live action seasons??? The animated series will be great but it won’t be the same please tell me it isn’t the end of the live trailer park boys series!!!

  11. Holneus

    Please tell us this animated bullshit is just temporary – you’ll literally ruin your legacy and lose a shit ton of fans if you do this. Surely you don’t need us to tell you that TPB can’t work as an animated show

  12. Matteo

    I’m looking forward to the new season of tpb season 13 “hard as fuckkk!”

  13. Jimmy jim

    Seconded, there’re enough edgy cartoons out there.

    If it actually is a full-on cartoon season I’ll be disappointed but I’ll reserve final judgment until watching it two or three times.

  14. Michael Parker


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