Trailer Park Boys – The Animated Series Hits Netflix March 31!

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It’s the world-famous trailer park you know and love – but with a fuckin’ twist! Get ready to party your cocks (and lady cocks) off on Sunday, March 31 as Trailer Park Boys – The Animated Series debuts on Netflix! We can’t wait for you fuckers to see it!!

Look out for more news soon…


  1. Jens

    Guess i will soon find out, but will this animated series take off where the last season of TPB ended?
    And, can we expect more episodes of the unanimated series in the future?
    Jens from sWEEDen

  2. Matteo

    Can’t wait for the new season, to be honest I’m kind of skeptical on it being cartoon and all, but none the less I’m still excited, hope it turns out great, thanks for continuing to make us all laugh boys, “hard as fuckkk!!”

  3. Matteo

    Can’t wait for the new season, to be honest I’m kind of skeptical on it being cartoon and all, but none the less I’m still excited, hope it turns out great, thanks for continuing to make us all laugh boys, “hard as fuckkk!!” I’d also love to visit possibly summer of 2020

  4. Kenny Iacono

    Dear boys, PRETTY FUCKING PLEASE do not do this animated FUCKERY!!! Strongly against this please don’t do this 😢😭😢😭😢🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  5. Devin

    Hey guys.. love TPB… not sure how this will be as a cartoon. As a loyal af fan since 2016… I am glad theres a new season. However, I understood why J-Roc resigned… you all are getting kinda old to do what you do, and have it be legit and funny (NO disrespect…). The humour in the show came directly from the characters great acting and reactions… now that this will be a cartoon… ehh…. PS… Julian reminds me of me so much… Rum and coke is life man. Am the same type of leader amongst my crew and get called Julian which is sometimes meant to be an insult… never will be my man

  6. Mark

    Just binged 12 seasons and 3 movies. Thanks for the great laughs. Hope you bring your show to San Diego!

  7. SanMan

    This was a very smart fucking idea the boys had to make the show a cartoon! i Just hope the animation captures all the mannerisms and likeness of the boys !!

  8. Wesley pabst

    I can see one season animated, but not forever, will support and am very excited love the show!

  9. Shayne

    I’m definitely sceptical about this, I was very much hoping they would have one last season or movie, to lay Mr.Lahey to rest respectfully. Seasons 1-7 were so much better than 8-12 because the boys were kinder to each other, and some episodes had an underlying msg of friendship and family first values, not to mention the emotional music when bubs tells the boys how much they mean to him. 8-12 lost those good moments. I have been watching TPBs for 2 fuckin decades now religiously, so I’m not happy bout changes,but I’ll give er a go. Plz fuckin post this…onto be dicks and not post it lol.
    Love the Trailer park boys for life!!

  10. George Chachati

    It’s going to be shit. Why would they make it into a cartoon? If all the episodes are cartoons than I rather watch South Park. This is the worst idea ever. I rather re watch the out of park Europe and US. Good luck with this new idea but I’m sure they will lose a lot of fans.

  11. Dan

    Even if the cartoon is a hit, it should be what replaces those terrible traveling specials, not the actual show. The real thing that people should be discussing is the fact that we have lost Jay Rock, Lucy, and Trevor; replacing the void with weak characters like Donna, Leslie and Susan.

  12. Adam

    Will there be any new seasons of live action or is it cartoon from here on out?

  13. Chris Sackaney

    Ah right on boys! Animated huh? Oh well, Im sure it’ll be great nonetheless. As anything the TPB’s put their hands and talents on …..ends up being comedy gold !

    Anxiously awaiting the kick off show, March 31st, 2019, coming to us from Netflix.

    Your most loyal fan. /Cheers !

  14. Kyle Cuthbert

    Can’t FUCKIN wait! Hope it’s as good as the normal series. Thanks for keeping me entertained.

  15. Jeremiah

    I love anything you put out. However as a cartoon we wont get the same connection to the show. Seeing bubbles face and such is what makes the show great. A cartoon face will not cut it. Nonetheless im excited to see what you have!!

  16. Dad

    I happen to personally know one of the animators and it’s gonna be fun …

  17. Tony Tremel

    Cheap fucks.. Way to sell out.. Get this shit out of here. I hate anime.. This cartoon shit is like George’s shitty limp chicken fingers.. I want the good kind… Bring back the show or just end it.. DONT RUIN IT WITH THIS CRAP..

  18. Ant

    Why not do a live people show? I know that Mr. Leheay (sp) has passed (RIP) but they could either recast him or write him out of the show.

  19. Jason

    If you guys want to know if im excited for this show i mean Does a bear shit on the pope? , It doesn’t take rocket appliances to see this show is going to be DECENT!! Always keep your drink safe boys because the winds of shit are blowing.

    R.I.P Lahey you will be missed.
    “This old Shitfisher took his bagpipes down to the river and he played his pipes in hopes that the shitfish would rise up out of the water. But not one shitfish rose, Julian. So he took a shitnet and threw it in the river and, lo, soon he drew it forth filled with shitfish. Then he took his bagpipes and then he played them again and all the shitfish jumped up in the shitnet. “Oh, you dance now when I play, said the Shitfisher.’ And then the little old shitfish spoke up in the end and he said, when your in a man’s power, you must do as he bids you. Shitnets, Julian, and Shitpower.”
    R.I.P Lahey you will be missed.

  20. Joey

    Love the fucking show dudes. Man. Last 5 days watched 11 seasons nonstop.. Dont retire this shit for a cartoon. Please have a film in the works or atleast another season with the OGs in there. Awesome shit man. You guys are hilarious and remain the same ..

  21. Laura Jaden

    I can’t wait!!! I’m gonna binge a LOT of TPB in the meantime <3 I LOVE y'all <3

  22. Hayden Mundt

    Hi I am a big fan from Australia. Would like to talk to you guys and see what life in the life of the trailer park boys is all about. I live in a small town witch is probably just as small as Sunnyvale. I hope.i.can hear back from you soon.

  23. Travis

    Lets goo can’t wait for a new fuckin season of TPB. Gonna be laughing my ass off smokin dope while binge watching the greatest canadian show of all time.

  24. Brent

    I hope they can get Mr. Lahey’s voice right. Would be hard to do since his inflections were very original. I was a reluctant Canadian that avoided the show for years, but when I finally checked it out I fell in love with all the characters and wacky world of Sunnyvale trailer park.

    I don’t think we should compare the animation to the original series as this is a true apples & oranges comparison. I think the most difficult part will be coming up with new and unique plot development. Throughout the original series there were times when it seemed like they were “jumping sharks” (search Happy Days and the shark jump to learn more) but they always pulled out of it and made it great entertainment. The Patrick Swazye train and Sebastian Bach episodes seemed like they could be in that category.

    Note to producers: Do NOT make the mistake of scrapping the original sound track! That would be a huge mistake IMHO – you would have to be a real sh*t infested c*ck gobbler to make a f*cking dirty mistake like that eh!

  25. Bill Green

    Great job on the animated series. It’s actually super awesome graphics, best story lines yet and a welcome addition to the TPB family. Ive been a fan since S1E1 and am glad to see you guys are not even close to slowing down. If you haven’t seen this series yet, what the fuck is wrong with you?

  26. Tim

    I need more of the live action Trailer Park Boys!! Come on guys. let’s get your shit together already!

  27. Sean Moley

    Wow! Lots of fucked, stupid comments. You guys should love the animated series then.


    Im a lifelong TPB enthusiast..
    I was skeptical too about the cartoon..
    ive seen the 1st 2episodes..
    has no one seen the obvious mistakes??
    pls,, if the animation crew were such big fans how is it possible to get basic fundamentals with TPB WRONG..
    im not going to film geek what I would like to explain, but the fan base has moved to college students not the oldskool who grew with the show..
    bye bye o’lDunsworth the cartoon dont do u Justice, sorry x

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