Trailer Park Boys – The Animated Series NEW TRAILER!!

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Trailer Park Boys – The Animated Series hits Netflix March 31! The suit dummies won’t let us f**king swear on the f**king trailer, but tune in March 31 when we’ll swear, drink, get high and fire guns as much as we f**king like… Come f**king join us at!!


  1. Liquor

    Oh man I will miss the OG series…little bummed with the animation series but keeping open minded. Must be the liquor speaking…

  2. Jeff Leskiw

    An animated series??? Are you fucking kidding me?!? Who’s brain child is this?? Ok ok, maybe a few shows or fuck…a season, but let’s get real here!! Your die hard fans want more live action! How hard is that to wrap your bean counter around, shit locks??? I mean, what’s really going on here? Netflix cancel the series? Or have you run out of storylines? You need storylines? Drop me a line and we’ll talk!!

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