Trailer Park Boys – The Animated Series Now Streaming on Netflix!

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CHANNEL 10 NEWSFLASH: The new season of Trailer Park Boys – The Animated Series has been unleashed to Netflix! The Boys are about to go on a wild fuckin’ ride after their mushroom trip in Season 12… Tune in now at!

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  1. Daylin

    The show isn’t available on Netflix? I’ve checked a bunch of different ways and it only says 12 season. What time does it drop

  2. Gerard Green

    Brilliant, brilliant the way they’ve kept that piss tank Mr Lahey alive! Ah was wondering how it could be the same and it fuckin is, class idea I’m well pleased thanks yis fucjets

  3. Carly

    I LOVE the new annimated series. My entire family has been watching you guys since the early 2000’s. Every family gathering is filled with TPB one liners. You boys are just the best. With so many adventures the boys could go on with animation, I hope to see more seasons released in the future. If not…that’s the way she goes. 🤙

  4. JebusKryst

    Without doubt, the best and funniest show on TV. Keep it up shitbags

  5. McLoven

    it`s my go to show when I am now…thanks for many evenings removed from reality!!

  6. Matty

    The best show I have ever watched and more than once. Guys lay off the mushrooms and make season 13. Trailer park boys save the world.

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