Happy 4/20 Weekend!!

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To celebrate 4/20, the classic ‘Bongs: How to Make the Fuckin Things’ episode of Gettin’ Learnt With Ricky is FREE to watch all weekend at SwearNet.com! Watch now at bit.ly/GLWRbongs

And what’s 4/20 weekend without awesome dope, good buddies and a Trailer Park Boys marathon? If you haven’t watched the new season yet (and why the fuck not?!?) you can tune in at Netflix at netflix.com/title/80235932


  1. Mark forest

    The most amazing series I ever watched I hope you guys do more episodes in the upcoming future I love watching these guys it never gets boring

  2. Paul

    When u bringing a Ricky’s grow book (how to grow in a wheelie bins) or Ricky’s grow tips for cock heads

  3. Gino Dominguez GFUX

    How the fuck is there not 1 comment on this?!?! What the fuck is wrong with lame fuck wads now a days I would kindly fuckin love to get learned on making a fuckin dope ass fruit bong I can eat once lit ….

  4. Michael falchi

    I just found out about you guys in 2019….i love your show…i am 35 and i am surprised i never heard of it…i was probaby too fucked up cause someone had to bring your show up to me before…you guys are awesone

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