John Dunsworth's Dicshitnary

John Dunsworth’s Dicshitnary Back in Print!

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John Dunsworth's Dicshitnary

The greatest and shittiest shitbook about shit ever written – and it can be yours! John Dunsworth’s legendary Dicshitnary is now available to buy at You can also get your copy signed by Sarah Dunsworth! đź’–

“Wary readers should not be fooled or put off by all the shit-talk: The Dicshitnary was assembled by an erudite comedian with a broad range of satirical targets. It holds very little sacred, encouraging us to laugh at ourselves with naughty pastiche and to resist lethal seriousness. Fitting in somewhere between Aristophanes and Samuel Delany, Dunsworth has made an oddly dignified contribution to literary scatology.”

Rudi Kraeher, LA Review of books 

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