Filming begins at the Sunnyvale Correctional Facility

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That’s one DECENT kitty right there! We’re filming something new at the SwearNet studios… we can’t let the kitty out the bag right now, but make sure you’re following SwearNet on InstagramTwitter and Facebook for more awesome sneak peeks behind the scenes at the Sunnyvale Correctional Facility!


  1. andrew

    I hope its new getting learnt with ricky episodes you lazy fucks . my 5 year old son keeps asking me when new episodes are coming out.

  2. Ladonna Bender

    Will the new correctional Trailer Park Boys be on Netflix or on Swearnet???

      1. Ed Jones

        Put down the bong and liquor drinks and have someone type out some information from you who can understand drunk

  3. Todd

    Hi all!
    So many laughs and years of enjoyment from you fuckers.
    What’s the current season, 12, 13?
    Are all seasons on dvd and streaming? The movies, specials too?
    Like to order copies and suggest as a purchase for our local library district.
    Thanks a shit ton,

  4. Svensken

    I for one hope it´s the next season of TPB. How you´re going to match Dunsworth´s presence is beyond me, but if you don´t, the shit-gods will be upon you like shithawks in a shitstorm (or a shit blizzard). I have a hunch he would have told you that. All the well meaning gods of the universe bless him and the everlasting humor he bestowed on humanity.

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