Spend lockdown with the Trailer Park Boys at SwearNet.com

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We hope you fuckers are staying safe and STAYING HOME!!! But don’t spend it alone, head over to SwearNet.com and check out what the Boys have been up to during the coronavirus lockdown!

We’ve got the latest from Ricky, Julian and Bubbles in Quarantine, Mike’s attempts to engage the SwearNet Emergency Broadcast System on the Real Fucking Reality Show, plus some classic episodes of Gettin’ Learnt With Ricky to watch for non-subscribers (and if you haven’t joined yet, it’s only $4.20 a month so get the fuck on board!) And if that wasn’t enough for ya, we’ve also got some awesome musical treats from our talented pals at Sunnyvale Shoals.

Look out for more DECENT content soon!


  1. Paul James Bourgault

    How is Mikes friend doing? (Cluster Headaches)?
    I hope all is well. I have not been able to follow or watch in a while.

  2. Paul James Bourgault

    Hey Jean Paul are you always in the 911? I used to catch it in the background of the later episodes and then viewed a non TPB video of you at a real Targa race.

  3. Daisy

    When will there be more seasons of TPB??! You guys should start a anime show about the boys when they your kids that would hilarious! You can’t stop making the show keep going so many people love the show!

  4. Dominic

    I miss the fuck outta you guys, can’t wait for another season of you crazy fuckers lmao…

  5. Curtis Ingram

    TRAILER PARK BOYS IS THE BEST COMDEY TV SERIES HANDS DOWN!!.I can’t count how many times I’ve watched the series lol As a fellow actor I would love to get a spot on the show! Keep it up fellas what you have here is golden and will go down in history for sure. Stay humble and blessed

  6. John Eli

    Since I started watching you boys I don’t think my Netflix has anything else watched on it lol. Fuckin love you guys hope you’re staying safe out there! Thanks for doing what you do!

  7. Susan Hansen

    When we need humor to get through the C-virus the Trailer Park Boys do their jobs! The humor is uplifting!

  8. Michele Soliday

    My boyfriend and I have been binge watching while staying home. You guys have made us laugh so hard. Mike Smith you are an amazing actor. Thank you guys for keeping us laughing instead of panicking. We live in Manchester, MD. I love your show!

  9. Kevin Wallace

    I’m watching TPB right now season 2 episode 4. LOVE YOU GUYS !!!

  10. Brian

    Your show is fucking hilarious and anyone who doesn’t like it can frig off!!

    Seriously love the show and the characters. I love getting stoned and watching a trailer park boys marathon. Love you boys! Decent!

    Hope there are more seasons coming!

  11. Andy barr

    Brilliant patter and the characters are truly universal. Who hasn’t got a friend like Ricky, fucking dumbass. Tpb has given me some great laughs through lockdown. Anyway I’m away to get high and shit faced.

  12. Richard

    How have I missed this show over the last 19 years, it is seriously the funniest tv show of all time I’m currently at season 8 in 10 days watching absolutely love it 11/10

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