Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series – The DECENT Season 2 Trailer

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Holy fuck, we can’t wait for May 22! Here’s a sneak peek of the crazy shit happening in Sunnyvale for Season 2 of Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series – get ready for the return of the Green Bastard, DUBER, a fucked clown and a fuck-ton of dope… and more awesome stuff we’ll reveal very soon!

Catch up with Season 1 on Netflix here!


  1. Julie

    They should come up with the trailer park boys season after Jim lahey

  2. Cody Gene

    Is the animated trailer park boys show going to be the norm from here on out, or can we expect to see our beloved cast in person eventually?

  3. gary mcdaniel

    does it debut at MIDNIGHT tonight 12:01 AM ??? WANNA stay up all night and binge this one..

  4. Izzy

    We should get cartoons along with cast in real life too. Coming to Winnipeg for a special event!!

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