Vote Bubbles 4 Mayor!

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With only ONE WEEK to go before the release of Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series on Netflix on May 22, we’ve got another fucking treat for ya!
Visit the Bubbles 4 Mayor website and get a sneak peek of Season 2, download some DECENT Bubbles campaign goodies, and listen to a message from the man himself on his 1-800 campaign number! Give Dodge the boot and vote for Bubbles, for fuck’s sake!! #Bubbles4Mayor


  1. Mike

    For fuck’s sake?!? Who else is better for the job? Ricky is too fuckin’ busy tryin’ to hide his piss jugs. And Julian is too busy tryin’ to keep shit together in the park. “Bubbles For Mayor. He Gives A Fuck”. There’s your campaign slogan, boys! “Fuck Off, and Fuck On!” That’s what I always say…

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