Season 4 Episode 7 : The Boys plan to sell their marijuana at a Snoop-Dogg concert in Moncton, NB. To transport their illicit cargo, the Boys steal a propane tanker and furnish Bubbles with a fake rig license. Meanwhile, Lahey proposes remarriage to Barb in an effort to gain control of the park. But Barb declines, claiming she is marrying Ricky, and fires him and Randy. While Lahey plots his revenge on Ricky, Julian and Bubbles hear on the radio that police have found and destroyed three of their four fields, but they’re diverted when a massive explosion rips through Ricky’s trailer.

Released: 05-23-04
Runtime: 23:06 minutes
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Directed by: Mike Clattenburg
Written by: Mike Clattenburg, John Paul Tremblay, Robb Wells, Mike Smith