In season six, the Sunnyvale denizens are up to their usual hijinks. Bubbles decides to go legit and opens a feline dream vacation area and theme park called “Kittyland.” Ricky becomes a garbage man and enlists Trevor to move people’s lawn furniture to the curb to be collected and Julian attempts to get into the real estate business and starts buying trailers. Elsewhere, Randy is fed up that Lahey can’t seem to stay sober and becomes the Associate Trailer Park Supervisor. Cory and Trevor become entrepreneurs, opening a “Convenients Store”, and Ray gets kicked out of the park for living in the cab of his old rig and throwing “pissjugs” out the window. Things get unhinged when Mr. Lahey finds super 8 footage taken on Halloween 1977 proving Ricky, Bubbles and Julian caused him to be kicked off the police force and become an alcoholic.

Released: 04-16-06

Total Episodes: 6 List Season 6 Episodes Browse All Episodes
Average Runtime: 23 minutes
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