It’s been several years since the cameras have been following Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles around the Sunnyvale Trailer Park. And there have been some significant changes: Julian has opened a bar and gym in his trailer, “Julian’s”, vowing to never break the law again. Ricky recently harvested an enormous weed crop which he has successfully hidden in the walls of his trailer. The only thing missing in his life which he desperately wants back are Lucy and his pregnant daughter Trinity. Bubbles is in the process of opening what he calls a ‘Shed and Breakfast’ business. Randy and Mr. Lahey are back together and doing great. Mr. Lahey is retiring, Randy has hired a new assistant supervisor to help him run the park, and life in Sunnyvale appears blissful for all.

Released: 08-27-14

Total Episodes: 10 List Season 8 Episodes Browse All Episodes
Average Runtime: 26 minutes
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